Alien: Isolation Isn't As Scary When The Alien Glitches Out

Alien: Isolation Isn't As Scary When The Alien Glitches Out

Alien: Isolation can be a pretty tense, terrifying game. But that experience depends on having things in the game actually work like they're supposed to — which isn't always the case for everyone.

Earlier today we saw a funny case where someone encountered a glitch that made Ripley scream at a door, of all things. But the glitches and AI sheenanigans in Alien: Isolation can get even funnier than that, especially when they involve the Xenomorph itself.

Anime Teapot found a strange glitch that teleported them into space — along with the alien. It's a confusing yet hilarious incident:

maxumbrella found a different bug, where the Xenomorph got stuck on a vent. They try to shoot it, but you can't actually kill the alien — you can only watch it glitch out, in this case:

UFO314 finds that the alien can have some...trouble...sometimes:

Other times, the alien can walk through solid objects, as Kakyoin Noriaki finds:

Not every glitch that people find in this game have to do with the alien, of course. Sometimes, the game doesn't load quite right...

Or the ground seems to just disappear, making it look like you're running through space (skip to the 1:25 mark, if you're inpatient):

Heck, sometimes the humans have as much trouble as the alien too:

And hey, we can't forget the synthetics:

I haven't found any bugs like this in my game — I don't think they're that common. I'm almost disappointed!


    I had the alien bug out and turn into Daryl Somers. Incredibly scary from then on out!

    Last edited 09/10/14 11:03 am


      BTW, is this working in the RIFT?

        apparently you have to edit ini files to re enable rift support on pc. Don't know about on consoles.

        Oh god why would you? Strong chance of literally shitting yourself.

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