An Hour With The Latest Challenger To The Dark Souls Throne

Look, I think it might be a little bit unfair to call Lords of the Fallen a Dark Souls 'clone', but it's also clear as day: this is a game that is clearly inspired by Dark Souls.

And that's okay. I like Dark Souls. I want more games like that.

This is an hour with Lords of the Fallen and you know what? I'm down as hell for this game. I never got the chance to check out Lords of the Fallen during its latest showing at EB Expo and I'm seriously regretting that.

I think I'm slowly warming to the idea of games being 'Soulsian' for lack of a better term — the idea that slow paced combat driven RPGs are becoming their own 'genre' in a way, sort of like the way we discuss games as being 'Metroidvania' games. Dark Souls might end up being one of the most influential games of the last decade.


    I think I’m slowly warming to the idea of games being ‘Soulsian’ for lack of a better term I read that as "Souls san" and had visions of Lords of the Fallen saying to Dark Souls, "Notice me senpai".

    Totally forgot about this. As a Souls fan, day 1 purchase for me..

    Whatever happened to that game that was meant to come out for the PS4 that was meant to be "soulsian"? Deep Below or something

      That may be "Last Guardiansian"...

    Deep Down? Seems to be a 2015 release

      Damnit that was meant to be a reply to @piat

        That's the one, I thought that was meant to be a first year title, damn unrealistic release dates. No game should be announced until 6 months before release, a realistic release date also

    That was good. I am pretty sold on the game BUT I think it may be a little bit of a seemed more than it was type of game. Like Darksiders. Yeah it was great but not a big deal.

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