Apparently The Scariest Part Of Alien: Isolation Is... A Door

Apparently The Scariest Part Of Alien: Isolation Is... A Door

Oh god just look at it. Look at it standing there. All door-like. Also today, we've got clips from Call of Duty, Forza Horizon 2, Battlefield 4, League of Legends and more!

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  1. Sniping a camper from a flying jetski — HammerTroller
  2. Alien: Isolation - Scary Door Bug — Harry101UK
  3. 29 more days man — Nathan
  4. Up Up And Away — LifelessAnimator
  5. Destiny: Kneeing an Ogre in the nuts — Nogarda Gaming
  6. C9 vs SSB — LoLesports

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    Ahh, subscriber begging. Is there anything sadder?

    That LOL clip though. It's all french to me, but damn if that wasn't some wild shit for the audience.

    You are entering the vicinity of an area adjacent to a location. The kind of place where there might be a monster or some kind of weird mirror. These are just examples. It could also be something much better.

    Prepare to enter... The Scary Door.

    Last edited 09/10/14 5:27 pm

      Thank you kind sir. You just made my night.

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