Assassin's Creed Unity Is Looking Very French

Ubisoft just releasee a snazzy new trailer for Assassin's Creed Unity that emphasises the game's story. Without spoiling anything, I think it's safe to say the game is looking very French. That's a good thing, in my book. I mean: who doesn't want to try and kill Robespierre, am I right?

Ok, I'm not actually sure if that's how things will play out in the next big Assassin's Creed game come November. But I have to say: even as a pretty minor fan of the series at this point, I'm pretty excited for Unity for one simple reason: I think the French revolution is pretty much the perfect setting for one of these games. Because where else in modern European history did high-minded political ideologies clash quite so awkwardly with gritty urban realities like people getting beheaded constantly? It's like the creative tension of video games, except as a thing that actually happened in the real world several hundred years before video games were a thing!

Also, people who love content will be delighted to hear that Assassin's Creed Unity is offering eight whole hours of extra content at a 30 per cent discount if you get the season pass, plus a whole mission if you pre-order. Woo, content!!


    One day ill play all the assassins creeds just to see what the deal is..currently ive played the first one

      That's like eating a raw cocoa bean and saying one day you'll try actual chocolate. They've gotten stacks better since then. Although there are a few you could skip, they are better than the first one.

      The Ezio trilogy is really good. I really liked Revalations unlike most people. 3 you can probably skip. 4 is an awesome stand alone game.

    I absolutely love how the accents sound ANYTHING BUT FRENCH. From a French I.P I thought they would have stayed a bit more true to their origins?

    Mind you they will probably apply an 'Animus' patch in-game to explain they've made the changes to English to make it more understandable.

      Judging by the IMDB cast, there's a few possibly native french speakers. So maybe the english accents are just for the Trailer. Hopefully anyway.

    Ok... I'm interested... the Marquis de Sade is in it.

    It's not SOUNDING very French? unless during the French revolution all the major players were somehow replaced with well spoken Englishmen ?

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