Assassin's Creed: Unity Sure Has A Lot Of Cool Side Missions

Okay, I've been guilty of being a little bit cynical about Assassin's Creed: Unity, but this new trailer — focusing on the game's side-quests — has really convinced me to get excited about the game again.

I know, that sounds terrible. But hear me out.

The problem, for me personally, was that Assassin's Creed: Unity was announced with co-op as a big focus, a focus that I felt moved away from everything I found compelling about the series. I think that was a weird choice by Ubisoft in hindsight, considering it seems to be such a minor part of the bigger picture, but also a poor move on my part to judge a game based on one presentation.

The above trailer focuses on what I perceive to be Unity's greatest strength: the way that side-missions have transformed into something that evolves organically as you play. This is something I'm seriously looking forward to. I've often found that Assassin's Creed's main missions don't always make you feel like an 'assassin' — they're just a little too guided, you don't get to work on your own initiative and suss out the target. That sort of emergent experience was always more prevalent in Assassin's Creed's side missions.

I'm super excited that Ubisoft has decided to invest a bit more into that side of the game, not only by making the side-missions more compelling, but by creating (what appears to be) a more fully fledged city for those emergent experiences to take place in.

So I guess you can't count me in on this. I'm starting to get a little worried about the hours I'm going to pour into this game.


    My biggest thing about open world games, are the side quests. I have major OCD when it comes to collecting and doing things in games, and often I find myself recently really shying away from open world games because I know I'll spend so much time trying to get everything, and lose sight of having fun. It's actually a shit first world affliction, but I am trying to overcome it.

    I have always really like the concept of AC, and I've bought nearly every game in the series - but never played one for more than an hour. It's more than just side-quests that bugged me, I never felt the traversing was fluid enough, I hated the modern day story stuff (just let me BE in the time period). I'll get Unity, because I'm a part of the problem, but like you Mark, I hope....

    I've never played any of the AC series, but this looks interesting enough that I might consider it.

    My absolute favorite thing in Brotherhood (the peak of the AC franchise so far, IMO) was finding the secret entrances to the puzzle rooms. I just loved that shit. Made me feel like I was playing in the world of the DaVinci Code or something. Then the purchase of businesses and buildings and the ability to start really decking out the mansion as the cash starts to roll in.

    The tower defense part of Revelations totally wrecked it for me, I quit right after the first one when I found out that my hideouts could be re-taken and I'd have to do that crap all over again. No, thanks! After that I didn't bother with 3 - nothing about it sounded interesting to me.

    I didn't mind Black Flag although the supernatural behavior of the weather events around the higher level forts was ridiculously over the top. I also never really felt like I got my head around sea warfare - which was obviously a fairly major part of the game so... meh.

    The stuff I'm seeing here for Unity has me quite excited, are we going to see a return to Brotherhood type gameplay? I sure hope so! While Italy has always held a special place in my heart - France is not far behind.

      My favourite part of the AC games has always been building/expanding/renovating my hideout...

      When they dropped the means to buy shops so you got a constant stream of income I felt that the games became somewhat lessened by it.

    Assassin's Creed are getting heists before GTA.

    Huh? I'm not sure what additional info you have Mark, but based solely on the video, I'm not sure if there's any real change to the side missions at all....

    sure there are buzzwords there like "dynamic", "randomised enemies", "fully fledged out narrative quests", but really...they've said the same things in previous ACs and the side missions are still as boring as ever. I'm not sold....yet

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