Being Scottish With An Xbox One Is A Daily Struggle

Being Scottish With An Xbox One Is A Daily Struggle

But only if you want to use Kinect.

Hello, my name is Mark Serrels and I’m overwhelmingly Scottish. People are sometimes taken aback by just how Scottish I am when they first meet me. The blank vacant stares of people trying to understand what the hell I’m saying: I recognise this look. I know it well.

If Kinect on the Xbox One had a face, it would make the same expression.

People think I’m exaggerating when I talk about just how difficult it is for me to use Kinect, so I decided to record myself trying to redeem a code today. Yeah, that was a blast. Literally I have to put on a posh English accent to have any hope of successfully using voice controls on Kinect.

But here’s the thing: I can’t even blame Kinect. Siri, for example, is 100% worse. I also have written proof of that.

Does anyone else have the same issues with either Kinect or Siri? I have never been able to make voice recognition software work for me ever. Ever.


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