Better Version Of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Hits Xbox 360 Next Week

Better Version Of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Hits Xbox 360 Next Week

A graphically improved version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be hitting Xbox Live on October 26, just in time for the game’s 10th anniversary. But there’s a bit of a catch.

The updated version will run at 720p and will have Achievement support, with 11 hidden achievements. Full list in the image below:

Better Version Of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Hits Xbox 360 Next Week

However, save files from the old Xbox Originals version of GTA: SA won’t work with the new Games on Demand release. You’ll also have to buy the new version if you want to earn its achievements. Rockstar’s stealth announcement of the newly polished San Andreas details the specifics here:

Please note: The Games on Demand version of San Andreas is not compatible with the Xbox Originals version. Save files will not transfer from Xbox Originals. Owners of the Xbox Originals version will still have access to the old version on their consoles and through their download history, with the option to purchase the new version to experience the added features on a new save file.

As far as the PS3 goes, there’s a digital version of San Andreas on PSN that dates back to 2012. It’s unclear if that version will be getting the same graphical upgrade as its Xbox 360 counterpart. We’ve reached out to Rockstar to find out more and will update this post


  • Um yeah, anyone with half a brain should have known that the saves most likely wouldn’t be compatible.

  • I don’t know why anyone was expecting their old saves to work… Nonetheless, I’m surprised they didn’t do this sooner.

  • I’d kill a man to get the original on my Vita – never going to happen – please Rockstar PLEASE BRING IT TO VITA.

    • Not until you kill a man like you said you would…………..If your looking for targets, I would suggest starting with Kevin Andrews

  • Serial Offender -Get arrested 50 times.

    Damn, this would be a difficult achievement for me, in all my GTA saves from GTA3 and up I have only one arrest in my games. And that was in Vice City from those incredibly fast acting cops pulling me out of the car and saving the game anyway.

    Death by Cop or reload previous save. No one takes me alive.

  • Of note, GTA:SA is also MIA on the EU/AU PS Store… though it is still available on the US Store.

    The pull from the EU/AU store suggests that it will likely head to the PS3 at a later stage. If the Vita was included (LOL), then it would be godly!

  • Two things.

    1. This is Kotaku.AU, and I’m sure your readers would really appreciate you seeking a statement from Rockstar or whoever as to why this wasn’t available to the Australian games on demand store. Further to that, if they do intend to one day remember that we’re here, will they release it with the same launch-day sale price.

    2. Does anyone know if they’ve changed the control scheme? It’s woeful on the PC version, if they could map the controller ‘properly’ (that is, to current GTA standards) then I’d play this all over again… when I can buy it, that is.

  • I would also like to know when this will be available in Australia?
    Just spent 20 mins trying to find out if it was available for download!

  • hey i live in australia and i cant find san andreas anywhere on the xbox store to purchase does anybody know if it is getting released in auustralia or not?

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