Borderlands Has An Actual Talking Shotgun That Talks Like A Bogan

And it's called — no joke — Boganella.

As we established earlier this week, in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Pandora's moon is basically Australia. This has enabled 2K Australia, the developers of the game, to add a whole metric buttload of weird Australian references.

Boganella appears to be their masterpiece.

It is literally a shotgun that talks. Like a bogan. Every time you fire off a round it drops a line like, "f**in' feral" or "take that ya mug". If you switch it out for another weapon it'll say any number of things like, "later, ya c**t".

So yeah, that's a thing now. A talking shotgun that sounds like a bogan.


    there were talking weapons in borderlands 2

      Doesn't stop talking dog movies, so why should that stop talking guns?

      None of those called you a cunt when you swapped to another though.

        Haha! Actually, it did. at about 1min 50sec. Awesome!

      dont think thats the point. thats bloody funny.

      Not Australian-accented bogan ones though.

        It was close, but yeah...

    I was going to hold off on purchasing this. Now I fear I may not be able to.

      Oh yeah, the Australian vibe gives me such a smile.

    This is both amazing and horrifying for a representation of Australia (even if it is an absurd version of it) in media. I imagine the Yanks not getting it at all, but if they did, I wonder if they'd see any similarities to their stereotypical southern redneck. I think bogans are scarier.

    But seriously, hearing this audio gave me Toowoomba flashbacks. Hold me.

      Those Yanks still think we're all Steve Irwin. It's not that big of a deal.

        and if we're steve irwin, we are mick dundee

      I think the aussie bogans mentality is scarier but the american redneck has far more access to firearms so I think they have to win out for all around scariness.

      i never feared that I would see Toowoomba mentioned in this thread. Yet it took me by surprise!
      I think this might be more Gatton or Oakey or laidley.

    DAMN. I'm trying to save money and have just started playing and enjoying Black Flag and was trying to not get this game, at least for a while. I even had it in my hand last night and put it back down... now I want it even more! This is just my kind of stuff.

      Everybody wears an oxygen helmet called an O2 kit. But everybody on the moon calls them Oz kits.

    Would of been better if they got the actress who played Shazza from Housos to do the voice, sounds like that's who they were trying to emulate

      It actually *is* Elle Dawe (the actress that played Shazza).


        That absolutely nails it. Gotta buy this game.

    Great. Now I have to buy this.

    This is amazing. I'm seriously crying while standing in front of an Australian flag right now.

      Standing in front of it? You're supposed to wrap it around yourself and/or wear it like a cape.

        Nah, you're thinking of Americans.

          Sadly, I'm not.

    I like the Australian touches and accents, but I hate this gun. Bogans are so gross and crass; this is only really funny if you've never lived next door to bogans and been woken up by this sort of talk at 5am every day for a year. Ugh.

    Mad Moxxi has been revealed to be an act played by an Australian tomboy!

      actually she is a southern redneck just like scooter and ellie, theres even a couple of times in BL2 where she will speak in the same accent as scooter

    I need to buy this. I feel it will be nothing but helpful for preparing for my citizenship test

    Now there's a feature Destiny needs to steal. Imagine replacing all the Ghost dialogue with bogan. Alien: Isolation too. In fact lets just make it so that localisation for games has English (Bogan) as a language setting.

      I was really disappointed when the "Super Good Advice" gun from the "Voice in the Wilderness" exotic weapon bounty didn't have anything to say. I thought there's be at least one novelty talking gun in the game but apparently not. Just Dinklebot telling me "good job" and "this could be going better".

        I really wish those callouts were a bit more contextually-sensitive.
        "This could be going better..."
        "HOW? We're fucking murdering everything and have another full minute in which to stand in this ring for a couple more seconds without dying. This is a curb-stomp. How could it be better?"
        "I could be a real boy..."
        "Hm. You make an excellent point. I could be receiving [explicit] from [explicit]."

      Alien: Isolation too. In fact lets just make it so that localisation for games has English (Bogan) as a language setting
      I'm on board for 'Strayan: Isolation'
      All takes place on a rusty boat. You are the illegal Alien looking for sanctuary and hiding huddled with your family in the hold, as Tony Abbot roams the halls looking to put you in detention.

      Already on it

    Man why did I decide to buy The Evil Within this week, this gun has pretty much sold it for me.

    Oh god that made me laugh more than it should have. Bless 2K Aus, slipping all that into the game

    Makes me think of this song

    This gun may be the sole reason I get this game.
    Well, other than supporting the developers, whom I am acquainted with & boosting the Australian development scene.

    Last edited 17/10/14 11:45 am

    Is that kid at the beginning supposed to be Australian? Or British?

    sounds like Shazza

      Not really, she's way more nasally sounding when talking normally.

      Last edited 25/10/14 4:34 pm

    Keen to play this game now, but I've never played the others. Something about the art style always put me off.

    Love it. It's just a pity about the censorship. It's only a word said in a mature rated game. Surely you can say "fuck" uncensored if you can blow thousands of peoples heads off. Just kinda ruins it a bit for me. Still awesome though.

      borderlands has always been one for censoring swear words though

    Absolutely love the "lady boner" part. haha!

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