Boy, There Are A Lot Of Superhero Movies Being Made

Boy, There Are A Lot Of Superhero Movies Being Made

This is starting to get a little bit ridiculous.

The below infographic by ComicsAlliance does a great job of highlighting just how ridiculous the amount of comic book movies coming out in the near future actually is.

There are so many. So many.

A handful I’m interested in watching, but far more that I’m totally meh about.

It really puts into perspective the list of video game movies in production. Also: these movies will probably actually get made.


  • Let’s face it, they’re the new blockbusters of our age. Here’s hoping that they all end up good.

  • I’m still waiting for a movie about Industrial Lathe Man. All the other superheroes get their powers from radiation, the sun, chemical spills, but Industrial Lathe Man is the only superhero to get his power from coal.

    • Yeah, they just lumped it everything that’s a property of Marvel and DC. Who knows, maybe we’ll see something outside these imprints.

    • They look stupid, why? Because you’re just generally not into these kinds of movies? Nothing has even been revealed about most of these and you’ve already judged them as being ‘stupid’.

      • Maybe stupid was too strong a word. They look dumb, based on my opinion of the comic book characters they are being created around.

        • And everyone thought that about Iron Man. And Thor. And all the other comic book movies when they were released. But that didn’t stop them from being good movies, did it?

  • As someone who visited the cinema over 30 times last year, superhero movies actually only make up a small percentage of movies I watch on a yearly basis.

    Also as a fan of both DC and Marvel, I’m happy we’re getting these.

  • Good. I like super hero movies. All they are doing is replacing your standard action flicks and most of those were terrible and forgettable anyway. At least these all have big budgets and some lore to base it on.

  • I had the EXACT same thought today. I mean, not that it affects me, because I’m not one for ‘event’ movies, but holy hell, there’s a lot on the horizon. As annoying as I find them, I still won’t whinge. ANYTHING is better than every second movie being a shitty ‘parody’ comedy. That and the American High-School/College fad we went through. Eurotrip has scarred me for life – and I can’t help but wanna instantly slap anyone who breaks out into ‘Scotty Doesn’t Know’. You’d be amazed at how often that old nugget seems to surface…

  • I hope Image Comics going to get in on this. Saga, Chew, Lazarus and East of West would make great films

  • Considering most (I’d say at least half) of these haven’t been officially announced/dated yet, there’s a pretty good chance that heaps will be delayed/cancelled long before we reach them. Just look at Batman V Superman, it’s been delayed about 3-4 times and even brought forward a bit at the end.

  • My money’s on Warner Brothers screwing up in a catastrophic fashion some time early in their campaign and pulling out, perhaps taking some of the popularity of these movies down with them.

  • Though I will see everything comic/superhero related, I wouldn’t mind some other brands beside DC and Marvel. Valiant for one, I’d love a Bloodshot or Shadowman (Rumours for a few years suggest it may be in production limbo) movie. Some more Darkhorse would be great too. Seriously there are so many different Comic/Graphic novel/Webcomic/Book characters and universes to draw from.

  • While part of me wants to jokingly direct some sort of reference to the ‘shut your whore mouth’ to the author, in this Gamergate/Sarkeesian/toxic LoL players/entrenched misogyny in gaming world we live in, all I’m going to say is:

    ‘Mark, I respect your right to have a particular opinion about this, but I strongly disagree. I will endeavour to try and change your mind with valid arguments and gentle persuasion, which you are free to consider or not. Thank you for your time.’

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