Bungie Left A Spooky Message In Destiny's Loot Cave

Bungie Left A Spooky Message In Destiny's Loot Cave

The original loot cave in Destiny is dead, but its spirit lives on. In fact... it may be haunted.

As part of the latest update in Destiny, Bungie has added a bunch of hidden remains to the Loot Cave in Skywatch. When you disturb them, the following takes place:

"A million deaths are not enough for Master Rahool."

Here is the original video. Master Rahool refers of course to the Cryptarch in the Tower, who decoded the countless engrams farmed from dead enemies on this spot. Apparently he's still not satisfied, which seems pretty typical of him, if you ask me.

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    dang, i loved that cave. i see in the update that the darkness have released their stranglehold on the entire area. pffft.

    Good thing about Bungie, they've always had a good sense of humour.

    More then I can say for some other developers *cough343cough*

      343 have a great sense of humour! They're down and hip with the youth internet culture. They put a troll face on a computer screen in the Halo reboot. Because youths love memes!

      So refined and subtle!

        I hear they enjoy going to the discothèque on a Saturday night, and sometimes stay out til after 11pm!!!

          And in between doing memes, they often enjoy roaming the streets and doing the graffitis.

          Haha discotheque is my go-to oldies joke. Bonus points for the accent on the e. Classy.

    This is a Dune reference: "Yueh! Yueh! Yueh! A million deaths are not enough for Yueh!" Dr Yueh was the traitor who betrayed the Atreides family, lowering the house shields so that the Sardaukar (dressed as Harkonnens) could invade and overturn their rule over Dune.

    I've got a pretty decent-sized chip on my shoulder for Bungie about Destiny* but I think this is pretty cool. Props for at least SOME self-awareness and a sense of humour.

    * *My grudge is thanks to:
    1) the outright lie in advertising of Destiny's story as being something epic or legendary, when it is in fact the weakest/non-existent and most utterly disappointing component, being incredibly short, boring, limited, and told in the worst possible way, with no character development, subplots, drama, interaction with any other characters, and delivered almost exclusively by dinklebot exposition. It's the definition of squandered potential.
    2) their ham-fisted approach to fixes and design; loot cave, cryptarch woes, Queen's Wrath dismantles and pointless bounties/missions, poorly-advertised Iron Banner differences are all symptoms of problems that should never have happened, lessons that SHOULD have been learned by studying other MMOs, which I can only assume they didn't want to do out of believing their own spin that Destiny isn't an MMO... which is only partly right, thanks to the 'massively' keyword. Learning from your own mistakes has merit, but not when everyone else has already made those mistakes for years and the lessons learned are on display for you to benefit from. That's just willful ignorance, stupidity, or hubris.

    Last edited 15/10/14 2:26 pm

      the outright lie in advertising of Destiny's story as being something epic or legendary
      EPIC: describes events that happen over a long period and involve a lot of action and difficulty (Cambridge English Dictionary)The game has a lot of action and I suspect it will take a fuck of a long time for anything resembling a story to emerge from the franchise and I think we all have some difficulty having faith in it happening, how does that qualify as a lie??

      You could still describe the game as and MMO as long as the first M stands for Moderately

        Heh. Well, that's the tragedy, isn't it. The plot points - on paper - seem like they should be epic, but the delivery utterly fails at it. The only action is the violence, which is repetitive and uniform, inspiring about as much awe as digging a really big ditch. There's very little action in terms of events and reactions, and sense of time is utterly missing, with the whole thing completed in a dozen hours or so. I don't think 'time to update' fits the definition.

        Much like the '10yr franchise' claim which turns out a lot less impressive when you realize the majority of those 10yrs is going to be repetition of scarce content updates with a different shader. The Star Wars movies could equally be claimed as a 40 year project, but you can watch the results of that project over a weekend.

        The dictionary definition probably needs to catch up to the colloquial definition, with REAL ten-year franchises such as WoW, setting templates for 'epic' storytelling that Destiny doesn't even seem to be aware of, let alone seeking to emulate or - god forbid - rival.

    I wish I could play Destiny, I hope one day it pops up on PC....hopefull...

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