Cliff Bleszinski Has A Pretty Awesome Gaming Set-Up

Of course he has. This is like a video game version of MTV Cribs.

Cliff Bleszinski is famous for making video games, so it stands to reason that his gaming space would be pretty hellacious. What I wasn't prepared for was how much a brilliantly co-opted space it is.

Bleszinski's wife Lauren is a massive gamer so their shared gaming room is a cool, well designed space where both can play different games whilst sitting right next to one another. Pretty awesome. My favourite part is the little modifier thing they have that enables them to play games without screencheating. That's just genius.

They also have one of these crazy things to make it easier to switch between consoles on their TVs.

You can check out the whole description of their 'crib' here. It's actually a pretty cool write up and a great set-up. So much thought and planning has gone into the details of it — that's what I like the most about it. Also the fact that it's a shared space for a husband and wife. These guys should totally go on The Block.


    looks cool. The controllers feeding down through drawers looks annoying though haha.

    Everytime I see Cliff Bleszinski's name, I keep thinking it's Cliff Yablonski from Cliff Yablonski Hates You...

    All those loose cartridges though, CIB or nothing.

    looks very practical.. aesthetically pleasing however.....

    i really like the idea of the two TV's on retractable wallmounts
    but the rest just doesnt do it for me unfortunately

    Look at all that fiddly dusting.... *twitch*

    You can check out the whole description of their ‘crib’ here

    Err.... where?

      I did some googling and found this.

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