Darth Revan Gets His Own Star Wars: The Old Republic Expansion

Darth Revan Gets His Own Star Wars: The Old Republic Expansion
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The hero/villain/it’s complicated who launched Star Wars’ distant past setting in 2003’s Knights of the Old Republic gets another shot at the spotlight in Shadow of Revan, a digital expansion for MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, launching in December.

In retrospect, Star Wars: the Old Republic might have done a lot better at launch had it instead been called Star Wars: Hanging With Revan, such is the popularity of the mysterious enemy with a personal twist from BioWare’s first foray into the time period. Darth Revan, as he was originally known (now it’s simply Revan) was the face of an entire universe for a time, and its nice to see him back in a greater role than dungeon boss.

As teased last month, in the Shadow of Revan expansion, Revan is the boss. His plan to destroy the Empire using robots having failed, he and his Revanite extremists are now gathering an army to take down the Empire and the Republic. You die, the girl dies, everybody dies.

That seems like something players should stop, but first they will have to work on their killing people skills, raising their levels from 55 to the new cap of 60, travelling to new planets and taking on new high-end content as they go. Then it’s so long, Revan. See you. Wouldn’t want to be you. Again.

The Shadow of Revan digital expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic will launch on December 9. Players can preorder it now for $US19.99, with a handful of digital goodies serving as incentive to preorder early and often.


  • I hate that they’re killing Revan off in this way. Inb4 he explodes in a ball of light like in The Foundry ,again.

  • I like Revan, he’s one of my favourite EU characters, but I’m not sure why they need to keep going back to him now. They should have come up with their own new story line and classic villain. I didn’t even realise they were set at the same time period to be honest, I mean the old republic has thousands of years to work with and the time period in the MMO seemed in a different place to the comics and earlier games.

      • Thanks, I only played the MMO a little when it launched. Wasn’t a terrible game but left me wishing they had invested the money in a new KOTOR series so badly….

  • This just makes me want to play another KOTOR, which I think will likely never happen, so now I’m depressed :(.

        • Nop. Revan was always a man, long before Disney came along.
          Are you sure you’re not confusing Revan with Meetra Surik (The Exile, main character from KOTOR2) ?
          She’s supposed to die at this thing too.

          • Surik is and always has been female. Revan was always male, in the lore that was created as well. Hence why Revan and Bastila shacked up, legacy ends up with Satele Shan, yeadd yaaada yada etc etc.

          • As much as I always wanted to know what happened to Revan and the Exile after they rode off into the sunset, I really wish they never explained it. It was better that way.
            I don’t think they could ever have explained it satisfactorily, but what they came out with was even worse than expected.

          • Well according to the new star wars timeline Revan didn’t even exist did he? Only the movies and cartoons are canon….

          • From what I read, they announced SWTOR will remain canon, and stuff that isn’t yet canon may very well be, they’re just cleaning up the place and making sure the new stuff doesn’t clash with each other another like the old stuff did. Here’s the article for reference. Last paragraph’s about SWTOR.

            But as far as I’m concerned, Disney can get stuffed if they think they can disregard all the KOTOR stuff. It’s all already out there, and I’ll make my own canon if I have to.

          • I heard (please correct me if I am wrong) that everything part of the EU (Expanded Universe) post Episode 6 (Emperor Reborn, Thrawn Trilogy, Yuuzhan Vong, Imperial Knights, etc) was deemed ‘Not cannon’ as of Disney. Hence I believe that the KotOR era is relatively safe.

            And then the article that @jacrench quotes is on the same track as well.

  • So basically this expansion is an adaptation of the Revan book that that BioWare guy wrote, which shouldn’t have been written in the first place because it’s full of idiotic plot points to further the story…

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