Destiny Cheats Now Include God Mode

Last month, we detailed Destiny cheats that enabled players to have infinite ammo. Since then, it seems as if cheats available to some players have gotten more complex and game-breaking.

In this footage, we can see YouTube user MhzMiricle entering a special menu where they can tell the game what cheat they'd like to enable:

Destiny Cheats Now Include God Mode

As you can see, the options include god mode, no cool downs on supers, infinite ammo, and tons of damage, among other things. We see some of these in action right away too — despite being low level, we can see the seemingly invincible player do up to 99999 damage against enemies. Later, the player goes on to basically one shot a boss.

It's worth noting that cheats such as these, to our knowledge, seem limited to last-gen consoles. In this case, it's the Xbox 360. According to a different YouTube video, these cheats are only available to people who have modded consoles, and not the average everyday Destiny player. Further, the uploader commented "[These cheats are] currently private. It will not be released nor will the Source code."

Still, the fact that these cheats are available to anyone is troubling. While we haven't heard widespread reports of players finding cheaters in Destiny, we did contact Bungie to ask how they are dealing with this situation. We'll update you once we find out.

EDIT: There is some confusion about what to call this. The people using the modes in the footage call it "modding". To the average person, it looks like cheating, and calling it modding seems weird — like we're trying to downplay or mask what is happening. We went with the word cheating because there was a lot of pushback in the last article about calling this sort of thing modding — and, even if we call it modding, the effects of the mods are less disputably cheats for Destiny.


    What's the point??? You're not PLAYING the game if you cheat.
    You might as well play a single player game like minecraft. In creative mode.

    One has to wonder how this is possible with any modern MMO that must adhere to a server action model.

    Isn't it called a trainer? In which case it's a mod to run cheats...

    A mod would be proper term if they were not using God mode and 99999x damage. Thats just a cheat.

    n00b alert, n00b alert, people who use this sort of cheats are deemed to be n00bs, as they do not want to play the game as it should be played without cheating

    Patricia is a bloudy tool. Why would you ruin Kotaku's integrity with shit like this.

      I dont get it.. Its a game site reporting interesting discoveries about games... I know she has posted some actual bad articles before but that doesn't discredit this information in any way.

      Truth be told all video games will have once had these mods enabled during testing and they are disabled/removed entirely from the games before they are published.

      Game in case Destiny has used these dev tools but appear to have left them into the source code :)

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