Destiny Jumping Puzzles Are Easier When You Can Fly

Destiny Jumping Puzzles Are Easier When You Can Fly

Jumping puzzles aren’t always very fun, especially in first-person shooters like Destiny. Luckily, at least one of Destiny‘s superpowers allows you to just pass by one of these frustrating sections.

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    • *Titan. I’ve got one at level 8! Dunno if I’d be able to make it this far in to the vault at that level though. 😛

  • ha that titan punch down was awesome.

    I’m loving using the titan flying kick to quickly turn corners or that perfect air melee

  • You can easily just use the second platform and jetpack over the gap and hit the way across with a scrap of health left. No super needed. Hunters have the most trouble with this from what I’ve seen

      • I have blade dancer and gunslinger maxed out. The gunslingers triple jump makes it across really easily.

      • Yeah true I forgot about the blade dancer. A mate of mine failed like 10+ times trying to use the other sub class. It was funny to watch from the other side however.

  • I enjoyed my way better – *run and jumps while falling into the abyss – uses Self revive and ends up on the closest platform to the exit*

    Uh… yeah that was intentional guys >.>

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