Destiny’s Atheon Is Still A Big, Dumb Idiot

Video: Bungie may have patched out that one technique that let you push Atheon off the back of the stage, but intrepid Destiny players are still finding ways to cheese their way through the final boss of the Vault of Glass raid.

This one’s particularly hilarious. I won’t spoil anything, but skip to 1:30 for the good part.

(h/t Smashking0)


  • This seems to be the case every single time Bungie “hotfix” something. They put a band aid on a cheesing mechanic and then open the door on heaps of other glitches… Our group hasn’t had a single non-glitchy templar run since they added volume to the platforms. Worst part… we weren’t even cheesing it before and now we have to reset the fight 2-3 times before we get a run where the templar isn’t glitched.

    • Exactly, that’s the worst part. They’ll happily hotfix the cheese immediately, which I agree is absolutely a good thing to do. But the amount of glitches they’ve left alone is ridiculous. Insta-spawning Vex ON the Conflux, Atheon teleporting 1, 2 or 4 people at a time, zombie Praetorians that instantly regen full health, etc etc.

      • We’ve had 5 different kinds of glitches on the templar phase of the boss fight since the hotfix. It’s ridiculous; Bungie are effectively just making their raid frustrating to clear where at one point it used to be fun.

        • inb4 next patch notes: “We felt the Vault of Glass was too easy previously. This is not how we envisioned our raid being played. Therefore we will not remove these “glitches”, as we feel they make the raid more difficult and closer to our original vision. They will now be permanent features of the raid.”

  • I just wish I could get a team together to play the raid. Despite adding heaps of people I have only completed the raid once

  • The best thing about all this ‘cheese method’ rubbish, is that the Atheon fight is one of the easiest parts in the raid.

    If you can’t beat Atheon, you have a terrible team. I’ve been there, with terrible team players, people constantly dying in stupid ways, or just not communicating. If you aren’t getting into a rhythm by your third or fourth attempt, find a new team. Unless you’re the bad player.

    And to the people complaining about how the teleport is now three random people, just shhh, it’s good for the game. It’s supposed to be a challenge, not a walk in the park.

    • Myself and a group managed to complete the raid on normal since random teleports were added by ordering our skill with the artifact from 1 to 4, and the lowest number who got teleported would take the artifact, but we found that Hunters (ours both being 29s) were just getting one-shotted by the Minotaurs as the artifact holder (hence why they didn’t get a number and never took the artifact). On top of that, while things went pretty smoothly once we worked out our game plan, the random teleporting works against everything else the raid teaches you to do.

      From opening the vault all the way to beating Atheon pre-patch, the raid encouraged splitting off into smaller teams and handling different roles based on skill level/ability (and sometimes class). You’d split into 3 teams to open the vault, you’d split into separate teams to defend the confluxes before the Templar, you’d split up to deal with Minotaurs and to stop the Templar from teleporting (assuming you’re stopping him teleporting), and you’d split up into teams to grab the relics, open the portals and defend the conflux before facing Atheon. The entire raid teaches you to play this way, but now the Atheon fight works completely contradictory to this. Regardless of whether or not it makes the raid harder (the answer in my opinion is ‘a little’), its just bad game design, and I wouldn’t at all say its good for the game.

      Patching ‘cheese methods’, on the other hand, I’m all for. Although playing with a team recently (who already have smashed the raid a large number of times) and deciding to scare the Templar off a cliff with grenades was good for a laugh. 🙂

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