Did Sony Just Totally Rip Off Sunset Overdrive

Because this font looks very familiar.

A couple of hours ago, on the official Sunset Overdrive twitter account, the following tweet was posted.

Just for the record, it appears as though Insomniac Games was talking about the font being used in a current sale running on the PlayStation Store. Compare what you see above to...

It's pretty blatant. Actually it's the exact same font. A coincidence? It seems unlikely. Sunset Overdrive is hitting stores next week, it could be that Sony wanted to subvert that, since it is one of Microsoft's major exclusives for this holiday season. More likely someone over at Sony thought it was a really cool font and decided to use it.

Either way, it's a little bit shady.

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    Wow. I expected a similar font when I clicked the link but that's just crazy.

    Is it a publicly-available typeface, or was it designed for Sunset Overdrive specifically? Either way, I guess, it's the same.

    I guess Sony wishes Sunset Overdrive were available on PS4, as well.

      This is just typical Sony bullcrap, like they are Definantely winning (God knows why)
      But they come across sooooo unprofessionally desperate

      Who knows when Master Chief Collection is coming out they may announce another Killzone (hahaha) :P

        Unlike this: http://www.cnet.com/au/news/microsofts-destiny-cologne-ad-skewers-sony/

          Eh, I thought it was a pretty clever dig at how ridiculous exclusive advertising rights for multiplatform games are.

        I can't wait to play Persona 5 and Uncharted 4 next year on my PS4.

      The font is called Overdrive sunset and. Its available for free download from insomniac games.

    Eh. I mean they obviously did, but it's not like it's anything special tbh. It's a 'brushstroke' style font, it's pretty vanilla except the O.

      The Es and Ds are also pretty distinctive, the bullseye on the O is just the most obvious. It's definitely the exact same typeface.

        Didn't deny it, infact I said 'they obviously did'. But again, it's not a font to be particularly proud of, I'd go the extent of saying it was unimpressive and lazy myself. *shrug* But copyright and all that I'm guessing.

          Uh, it's still art and it's not like its not a very distinctive font, feels a bit harsh saying its not something to be proud of.

          It might be a publically available font, in which case SSO wouldn't likely have copyright, unless they bought some kind of exclusive licence.

            *shrug* I've had my fair share of experiences in art design in the past, I stand by the fact it just looks bland and lazy. Art is in the eye of the beholder, in this case I just don't see it as that, I see it as lazy text.

              Fair enough, just letting you know a fair bit of effort goes into the creation of fonts.

          I was just saying that the D and E are particularly stylised and set it aside from comparably "vanilla" brushstroke fonts.

          I don't think anyone doubts that the font selection is no coincidence.

            lol be interesting to see if anything at all happens :)

              Ha. I'd say the Sunset Overdrive twitter calling Sony out and us all having a chuckle is probably the extent of it.

    Looks like they got it from here given how the 'F' and 'H' look which aren't in "Sunset Overdrive". I wonder what the legalities are here of using a free font that's based off an existing one that may or may not be copyrighted...

      Thanks, I just downloaded that font. On my work computer. Really going to jazz up all those professional medical reports I write, yeah!


        Well if I was to receive that news I would at least want it in a rocking font.

      Technically typefaces cannot be copyrighted. If someone completely copies another one and changes the name of it, then there's not much recourse for the original creator.

      Microsoft did exactly this when they 'created' Arial because they didn't want to pay licensing costs for Helvetica.

        It's very likely in Australia and most first world countries, a typeface would fall under copyright protection as an artistic work.

        USA has some very specific weird laws, it depends on whether the font is a bitmap or is able to scale (like vector), over whether it comes under their definition of a computer program.

        Last edited 22/10/14 10:25 am

      Since the font clearly states that it is based off the SO font and even it is named after it, it's more than clear that whomever picked it wanted to be cheeky about it.

    Free fonts will be the death of our civilisation.

    Thats kind of a baffling choice, both in font style and color. It's not that halloweeny/"of-the-dead"-y...

    Well they did steal the Spiderman font and put it on the front of the PS3.... so ii'm not sure that font picking is necessarily Sony's strong point.

      Sony make spiderman.

        Ok well they reused the well known Spiderman font and put it on the front of their console.

        Nobody was ever going to sue them for it, it doesn’t make it any less hilarious though.

      'Cept Sony own the rights to Spiderman & that particular font.


        Sony own the Movie rights to Spider-man provided they keep making movies. I honestly want Fox and Sony to stop making X-Men and Spider-man movies just so Marvel can use the characters again. I'd love Spidey to be in the new Avengers movie.

        It's far more likely than Fox and Sony playing ball and letting the characters Cross Over.

    Oh man, I love it.

    Bring back the "Sega Does What Nintendon't" days, I say!

    Sony did have a lot of lay off's, I guess its showing now.

    Who gives a shit about the font, why doesn't the AU PSN store have these specials? I couldn't even find Undead Nightmare on our store and they still want $45 for RDR!!

    It's still not as good as their repeated use of Project Gothem Racing screenshots to promote GT4 back in the day.


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