Disney Adds 21 Games To Steam. Here’s What’s Worth Playing.

Disney Adds 21 Games To Steam. Here’s What’s Worth Playing.

Last week’s release of the free-to-download Disney Infinity 2.0 was just the tip of the Disney PC gaming iceberg. Today Disney Interactive has released a whopping 21 titles on Steam, from traditional children’s fare to arcade racing action. What’s worth checking out?

Pure — $US17.99

One of my favourite off-road racers of the previous generation, I’d completely forgotten Pure was a Disney joint until just now. There’s some amazing scenery in this game, and some sweet rides to tear that scenery up with.

Split/Second — $US17.99

I remember sitting in the Disney Interactive booth at some E3 or another, so excited about Split/Second, the arcade racer where the tracks are constantly blowing apart. The console version was lots of fun. The PC port isn’t perfect (locked at 30 FPS?), but it’s still a good time.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game — $US17.99

While not my favourite LEGO video game by a long shot, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean is indeed a LEGO video game, painting the unbelievably popular film series in a humorous LEGO light. If you’re a fan of the movies, you should own this.

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two — $US17.99

This is where people will start throwing things at me. Epic Mickey 2 is nowhere near perfect — in fact, it’s a bit of a mess. But it’s a beautiful mess, fulled with lovely sights and heavy with nostalgia. If you can get past the horrible AI and clunky mechanics, it might work its way into your heart. If you crave perfection, steer clear.

Toy Story 3: The Video Game — $US17.99

The precursor to the toy-centric Disney Infinity, Toy Story 3: The Video Game is one of those incredibly rare movie tie-ins that goes beyond the obligatory and straight on to extraordinary. Come for the story mode, then play in the Toy Box mode all day long.

Tron Evolution

Hahahahaha. Just kidding. The rest of today’s releases are a mix of standard children’s fare, bad movie tie-ins or games that fall into both categories. Some of these might be great for your kids, and who knows — maybe they will accidentally slip the mouse from Cars 2 to Civilisation V one day, and a whole new world will open up to them.

Is there anything on this list you’d recommend? Sound off in the comments.


    • Tron evoloution is an amazingly underated game too bad most idiots didn’t play the multiplayer!

      TRON LIVES!!!

  • It’s good there’s more family games there, for people to play with their littlies. Toy Story 3 is a super fun game.

  • ahhh Split/Second my favourite forgotten last gen racing game that no one played. I miss you.

    • I nearly posted a hearty “hahahahahahaha”, but then remembered that we’re getting FFXIII and there’s a whole lot of other previously “console only” stuff coming our way. It’s a long shot, but never say never anymore!

  • I played the demo for Split/Second and thought it was amazingly fun. Then I couldn’t find any retailers that sold. it.
    Then I found 10 dollars.

    • Cool story, Bro.

      I mean that without sarcasm. It reminded me of walking into brick and mortar stores looking for N64 games. I think we’ve all found fun as hell games that never ended up on shelves (Beetle Adventure Racing, anyone?) and finding 10 dollars is awesome.

  • Pure and Split/Second?
    Had it on PS3, would totally re-buy on Steam. 🙂
    And then I saw that the PC port of Split/Second is gimped.

  • Disney Universe isn’t that bad. It’s kinda like LEGO games, might have been a bit better with a story. Though, I picked it up for $20 for PS3 a few years ago and still haven’t finished it…

    I also heard that Cars 2 wasn’t too bad for a racing game either.

  • A very dark part of me keeps eyeing off Tron whenever the XBL version goes on sale although it’s totally based on looks!

  • Missing all of the early-mid 90s LucasArts games, but what else is new…

    You think Disney would want to get some cash to pay that $4 billion cheque to George…

  • Except you shouldn’t because it’s Disney. They are in the same bucket as Ubisoft and EA. Any money you give to Disney helps them extend the copyright period and buy more of our childhood dreams (LucasFilms, LucasGames, Pixar) to spoil. They’re like the Rupert Murdock of digital media.

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