Do You Even Green Lantern, Bro? No

Do You Even Green Lantern, Bro? No

That’s it, DC Comics needs to revoke Turbine’s licence to create variant versions of iconic heroes for MOBA Infinite Crisis. I draw the line at popped-collar, sandals-with-socks “SoCal Hal” Green Lantern.

I can handle “Lifeguard” Aquaman. I don’t mind “Track & Field” Robin and “Varsity” Supergirl. But a line must be drawn somewhere, and Southern California seems as good a place as any. From today’s new costume’s official description:

Do You Even Green Lantern, Bro? No

SoCal Hal will let you be a bro with the best of ’em. He’s got the backwards hat. That’s a pretty clutch start. Then you got the sandals and sick black socks. Pretty good! Pretty good, dude. But it’s that collar, yo, that popped collar is way baller! Then you got the accessories to match the green power ring — the watch, the necklace, and that sweet Green Lantern jersey.

I hate him so much. I just tried playing a match with Green Lantern in the costume, and I lost — against A.I. opponents. Either I am incredibly bad at playing a ranged character in Infinite Crisis, or I’ve been blinded by rage. I’ll go back and do a game as “Diablo Rojo” luchador Red Lantern Atrocitus to be sure.


  • So somewhere in the world socks with sandles is considered cool? That’s it, stop the planet earth, this is my stop and I’m getting off

  • if you cant see Van Wilder sporting this getup as Green Lantern, then you need your head checked

  • I must be old, I don’t understand any of his description except sandals. What on earth does clutch mean???

  • Douchbag alert douchbag alert, now arming the anti douchbag ibms, aimed at the douchbag green lantern & FIRE, KILL CONFIRMED

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