Dude Opens Magic Card Deck, Finds $US30,000 Card [Updated]

Dude Opens Magic Card Deck, Finds $US30,000 Card [Updated]

This video, made by a Magic: The Gathering fansite, was meant to show you some of the cards available in an old 1993 starter pack for the game. It was not meant to show you what happens when a grown man finds a Magic card inside it worth up to $US30,000. Updated.

As is explained at the start of the video, in these old alpha starter packs, the randomised “rare” card you’d receive was always at the “top”, so the opener flips the deck so as to get to that one last. And when he gets there (at around 8:15), you can’t blame his hands for shaking, just a little.

To find a Black Lotus in one of these alpha decks — of which only 1100 were printed back in 1993 — is a rare and beautiful thing, with one of the unbalanced cards selling last year for just over $US27,000. This one, freshly-opened and touched only by gloves, must surely be in the same ballpark.

Here’s a brief explainer on the alphas, the very first Magic cards you could ever get, if you’re still wondering why all the fuss.

UPDATE: Now that the dust has settled and the nerves have calmed, here’s a better look at the card, which is now sealed away and awaiting grading.


  • That was so enjoyable. Kids used these cards as currency at my school.

    I had a really nice collection of dual lands… and now I have no idea where they are – probably packed away at my mums house. I probably should keep a tab on them.

    Edit: WTF – looking up prices now. Calling mum.

    • Link me! I never got into the game but I have an old deck somewhere in the garage.

      OK, just checked. My cards are worth about $4. I’m rich!

  • That’s a nerdgasm if ever I’ve heard one (not that I make a habit of trying to hear nerdgasms).

  • I was in Honolulu last week and at my hotel was surprised at the amount of nerdy looking people hanging about. Saw a bunch of them in the lobby playing Magic. Mentioned to one of them I havent seen Magic cards in years and he told me a bunch of them were staying in Honolulu for their annual Magic catch up. I said so its Magic The Gathering The Gathering? He didnt think it was that funny but I still stand by that call.

  • I’m sure he went quite weak at the knees. What a moment! No wonder he was asking where his sleeves were. You’d want to avoid even breathing on it.

  • I have no idea about these cards so i don’t quite know what is so good about that card, However that is a great reaction.

    • They made 1100 of them out of several million cards. Rarity makes things good.

      Also it was probably hugely OP and completely unbalanced.

      • So for a comparison (although not quite worth as much) it would be like finding a mint condition Michael Jordan Rookie card right?

  • Nice! Got no idea what the game is about but the reaction is perfect. It’s an awesome feeling to discover something so valuable.

  • I have never been into nor understood collecting cards but makes you almost want to buy a handful of packs and open them in 20 years. Wouldn’t mind $30000…

  • Wow, a perfectly mint Black Lotus. You would believe that all Alpha packs and boosters were already opened and looted for goodies years ago.

  • It costs $1400 American for 1 booster of MtG Alpha, and the chances of pulling that card are about 300 to 1. Probs why he reacts the way he does.
    I think that makes that card 1 of less than 10 absolute mint condition Black Lotus in the world.

  • I have no idea what MtG is, or how it’s played, but I enjoyed the relevant part of this video. I particularly enjoyed that he joked about finding a Lotus card moments before he discovered it.

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