EA's New Dragon Age Trailer

Video: We're just over a month away from the new Dragon Age, and EA has a new trailer to celebrate. After the mediocre DA2, it will be interesting to see whether this game can stand up to BioWare's other greats. And between this and Persona Q, November should be a good month for RPG fans.


    Ugh. It's going to be an agonizing five weeks, that's for sure.

    Every game I buy until then is just filler as far as I'm concerned.

    Having not played any of the previous games, will this game make any sense to me?

      There will no doubt be references to the first two games, but I'm pretty sure it's a whole new story, so you should be fine.

      If you game on PC then I'd recommend getting Origins. It's free on one of those Steam-like thingy-ma-bobs. Origin, I think.

      It's also on special on Xbox live, though you'd probably find the definitive edition in stores for super cheap.

        Cool, as this looks great!

        And knowing how Bioware love DLC, I'd wait a while anyway.

      I was wondering that too... I played about 2 hours of the first and the demo of the 2nd...

    Yeah watching that is gonna make the wait till next month seem even longer...

    I seriously hope it doesn't turn into mass effect 3 with swords. It sort of feels that way. Queue cinematic cut scenes & Sheppard style speeches. Man they bored me to tears in mass effect 3. Because by the end of the game the fight on earth felt so watered down. It lacked substance and didn't even really feel like it ended the story & that out choices over the last few games meant nothing. I'm hoping bioware has learnt there lessons. But I'm not holding my breath. Ea might make me pass out.

    It looks good but I'm equally hopeful and sceptical at the same time.

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