Eye Glasses Designed Especially For Kissing

Eye Glasses Designed Especially for Kissing

Wear glasses? Want to make out? (Not with me, but you know, with someone.) Tokyo eyeglasses shop Blinc Vase is releasing a pair of glasses especially design for smooching.

Eye Glasses Designed Especially for Kissing

According to website Fashion Press, the "Kiss Glasses" are for those who feel like "always kissing" their lover. You can also apparently wear them by yourself, should you be unable to find someone to smooch all day long.

Below, you can see a web ad for the glasses. The frames seem more like a goof or a publicity stunt than anything else (I seriously doubt people will buy these). Still, have a look:

Kiss Glasses go on sale October 8 in Japan for 68,000 yen ($708).

ずっとキスしていたい!そんなラブラブなカップルへ贈る「キス眼鏡」[Fashion Press]


    Kissing with your eyes wide open is weird.

    They do realise that arch between the lenses is for your nose to fit through, right? And it's generally a good bet that only one nose will fit at a time? The risk of putting out the other person's eye with the opposite earpiece also looks to be nontrivial.

    I notice the video never shows them in closeup.

    Definitely a publicity stunt.

      Not to mention the entire industry of purposefully impractical inventions in Japan. My fav was the little umbrellas for your shoes so you don't get sprinkles on em from the urinal.
      (That or the gass mask that connected to a bag with a pot plant in it)

    That's some maximum level hipster shit right there..

    Oh Japan, and your weirdness. Your unique, inimitable weirdness.

    I know I'm dissing my own national background, but this is just utterly and ridiculously absurd(ly funny)

    Japan has this very thoughtful and at times innovative tendency to strive towards making products which serve to remove almost all of the inconveniences of everyday life, no matter how minor or trivial they are. This is partly due to the small landmass of the island nation; think about how compact mass-produced Japanese products are, designed to fit in almost any reasonable space, and how many features can be needlessly crammed into one item; think ridiculous multipurpose tools that Japan produces.

    Oh Japan, I'm sure I'll be needing my hat-clip for ensuring that my hat always stays on my head instead of blowing away needlessly. Or my trusty covers of various sizes which fit almost any object to prevent dust and damage. Or my alarm clock with an in-built whistle, bell and pen. Or perhaps these eyeglasses, which facilitate a better kiss for those who wear glasses.

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