Far Cry 2, You Deserved Better

Far Cry 2, You Deserved Better

I saw this at a local department store on the weekend, and teared up, just a little. Not at the price - that's a steal for such a classic - but for the company it was now forced to keep.

Below is the full picture, in case your body can take even more sadness. Because yes, that is a pink children's hair dryer.

Far Cry 2, You Deserved Better

NOTE: this is bullshit Australian video game pricing. If this was the US, that $US10 would probably be $US2.50.


    ppfttt - I got FarCry 2 bundled with my xbox back in 2008, I played it for less than 20mins before trading it in, I didn't like it.
    I'm sure some people liked it and I'm sure in many ways it was a good game, but thats a 6yr old game for a previous generation system! $10 is a high enough price for that.

    Ooh, The Gap Band for 50c.

      The Yes DVD Gift Pack is the most expensive thing on the table. Surely it's not worth that much.

    NOTE: the NOTE: obviously only applied to American readers. This was at my local Big W on Sunday arvo :(

    I picked up at a JB Hi-Fi once Mass Effect 2 and Far Cry 2 for $40. To this day I have never turned my nose up at the bargain bin, not once.

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      I bought my second hand copy of ME2 for $20 at EB, about 3 months after release. There were zero scratches on the disc, the DLC codes still worked.

      I think some done goofed on that one. I doubt you could even buy it for that much *now*.

        Big W currently have it on sale for $10. EB for $14. My local second hand place $6.95.

          OK, fiiiine, ruin my hyperbole. Point still stands that it was a magical bargain at the time.

    far cry 2 was a hurdle before the perfection that was far cry 3.

    Weapon degradation, shallow plot writing, re spawning enemies. It deserves to be in the bin.

      I enjoyed the weapon degradation - it made you try a variety of different guns and improvise mid mission.

      The respawning enemies however were unforgivable. All that game needed to be really good was a more persistent world, where a checkpoint wouldn't magically reset when you looked away for a few seconds.

        how does having all your weapons explode during a multi part level right at the end of it on your third try add value to the experience?

        Was just annoying as hell, and unlike far cry 3 stealth was out of the question as sneaking around knifing the guards was useless as they would see you and call in all their mates right from the get go.

          I can see how it could be annoying. But every time one of my weapons broke, it just made me go and scavenge for a new one - often a weapon I wouldn't normally use which mixed things up. It made it feel more real and cranked up the tension for me.

          I also didn't get that many weapons actually breaking because I put points into upgrading my weapon's reliability.

          Only the tediously eternal checkpoints really killed the game for me. It was the type of game that I wished had better mod support on PC, because I think it could have really shined if the community had been allowed to get a hold of it.

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    I think i played it for about an hour before the malaria haze got the best of me. I'm glad they made it so the same issues wouldn't occur in far cry 3

    Was a good game. So much atmosphere.... But the reaspawning enemies and generally muddy surrounds made it pretty easy to walk away from.

      Yeah the driving and the plains and the fires were all epic.

    I used to play FC2 while blaring Toto's Africa on repeat as punishment for my housemate who'd never do the washing up.

    Good times.

    I think the Big-W sticker is worth more than Paul Blart - Mall Cop.

    By the looks of it, the PS2 game is a Lara Croft game.

    Should get Paul Blart on the phone to investigate who stole the case of his excellent documentary.

    Far Cry 2. Interesting concept, very flawed execution. The intro was fun, the gameplay was fine, but the things that ruined it were the malaria, respawning enemies and the sped up voice acting.

    5.5/10 for me, but I've only put in about 90-120 minutes

    You know what you never see in a Big W markdown bin? VHS tapes. How do those things still sell? My father in law is the only person I know who still has a VCR and I'm almost positive even he isn't buying those things.

    Not a fun game but it sure was an interesting game. I loved Far Cry 3 but it does feel a tad arcadey after playing FC2.

    I've actually just started playing through far cry 2, been on my 360 hdd for years. can see how they improved upon things for cry 3, a lot of elements for a great game are there but as other people have said it's poorly executed. I'll run through the story but Damned if I'm hunting down over 200 Shitty boxes with diamonds in them.

    That is a disgusting display for clearance games, if it was a dump bin I could understand but having 2 tables butted together and wrapped in that hideous clearance wrap with the games scattered around is just terrible.

    Malaria was the worst. I mean, it wasn't a terrible idea but it wasn't fun.

      No, the worst were the mortars. The guys could be on the far side of a lake (with an island in the middle even) and id kill the only guy nearby and then a smoke shell would land at my feet followed by a splodey one 2 seconds later that always hit me spot on as i fled as far a i could. Every damn time.

    Far Cry 2 sucked, I'm sorry everyone (I'm not sorry everyone, it sucked)

    That's more than I paid for it in a steam special or bundle of some sort. Far Cry 2 was good but flawed. It sounds like they fixed many of the problems by Far Cry 3, I can't wait to play it after getting through the rest of my pile of shame.

    Paul Blart Mall Cop will be in that bargain bin until the end of time.

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