Final Fantasy XIII Is 60 GB On Steam

Final Fantasy XIII Is 60 GB On Steam
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Hope you’ve got a big hard drive! Final Fantasy XIII, which came out today on Steam, will take up a whopping 60 GB of disk space — probably because of all of those cut-scenes.

Check it out:

It’s locked at 720p, too, so you might want to wait for someone to conjure up an HD patch before you check this one out.


  • I saw a comparison that indicates that all that space is not taken up by video files, the video looks quite compressed, worse than the PS3 version.

  • For 15 dollars i’ll take the risk. Hope ssd comes down in price faster 256gb just doesnt seem big enough for games now. First ff is 60gb then nba 2k15 close to 50gb. i got no space for much more

    • I don’t use my SSD for games, i find it doesn’t make that much difference, all my SSD has installed on it is windows

  • Also something worth nothing – There is literally no graphic options and the game is locked at 720p… Which makes for gaunty heads and bad angles. Horrible port!

  • Locked resolution of 720p, video is compressed and looks pretty effing bad. This is one of the worst ports I’ve seen. Nothing in it justifies that 60gb. Nothing.

    • The video look bad? It look bloody crisp to me in 720p (windowed mode). If you use GeDoSaTo then obviously it will look shit.

      Funny how people complain about 60GB download but still complains when the video is compressed. Not to mention we have dual audio that is why the download is big. Single audio is around 20~30GB. If they really give uncompressed video and audio, I don’t think you hard disc can fit. Has over 10 hours of video in game.

      • Yeah but who honestly wants to play in windowed mode? When I play a game, I want it full screen. 720p just isn’t good enough, especially when the game is that size. It’s ridiculous. While you can mess around with GeDoSato, the fact is you should not have to. It should have been optimised for PC use from the get go. Not this half arsed crap that’s been lumped upon us.

        • Me – I play all PC games in windowed mode (a hangover from when I had a PC with poor specs, now I prefer the window!)

          Final Fantasy though – I do not want to play!

      • Sounds to me like what they are encoding the videos with sucks. They should use X264 or something.

  • The large size is due to the fact that its dual audio and every video file (despite being from the Xbox 360 version which were 720p as opposed to 1080p on the PS3) is doubled due to being lip synced with their respective language.

    I applaud SE for giving us the dual audio option but this really is a poor port, bad performance, locked to 720p (although Durante has come to the rescue) and absolutely zero graphical options, it shouldn’t be this hard to do a competent port should it?

    Back to the size though and multiple people on the forums have brought up a simple solution to it, have all extra languages and full HD video as free DLC packs, let people pick and choose what they want to download.

  • They say it would be even bigger if they included uncompressed 1080p video, Personally I don’t think anyone who can actually run it cares how big it is. make it 150gb for all I care, Its worth it for the clarity. + don’t most people have 10tb+ these days anyway?

    • Funny thing is, people was complaining about the 60GB download and won’t buy the game. Now people are complaining the video is compressed and won’t buy the game because of it. Sigh.

      • I get nearly 1tb per month, I didnt care about the dl, what I do care about is a half arsed port. That’s what stops me.

      • Already bought it and I’m still playing it now, in its current state its still as enjoyable/unenjoyable as ever. I’m just disappointed it wasn’t better.

    • Its not the 150gig final install that is the problem its the 60 gig download, that will take days, and tie up your internet at the same time.

      Easier and simpler to wait for a graphics patched compressed English only torrent that is less then half the size.

  • The space doesn’t bother me, I’m just glad they’ve put a modern FF on PC. I’m so keen to play this, idc what people say about the story and characters, im going to enjoy every bit of it.

  • I’d be more worried about exceeding my download quota honestly. What self respecting PC gamer doesn’t have a few terabyte hard drives in their machine?

    • Grab steamguard if your with internode/telstra and it will force steam to use their unmetred content servers, so the size becomes even less of an issue.

    • I’m gonna be an apologist and say at least 3-4 KH games and both Dissidia games, and FFXIV was pretty popular IIRC.

      They don’t make many bad games, including the XIII games I’d say (not bad, just not really good), they just don’t make many games, which is the annoying part for me.

    • yeah I don’t know why people are complaining about the graphics here. its the story and characters that are the real fail

      • Personally I don’t mind the story and characters here. It’s just that Square Enix set the bar so high with previous FF games that it’s hard not to be underwhelmed.

        • Eh. Diff’rent strokes for different folks but I lasted about 10 hours before the characters pushed me over the line. Lightning was… okay, but completely dimensionless. The rest were one-note. But it was Vanille’s ghastly ‘Aussie’ accent, turned up to 11 for the Japanese schoolgirl thing, which really put me off. Very poor writing/localisation too, so unless you read up on the lore, you were thrown into the plot with characters throwing l’cie, fal’cie, and other gibberish right off the bat. I’ve played many FF games prior to XIII but this one was something else.

          • I’m definitely with you with Lightning and Vanille. One’s super boring, the other is near unbearable to listen to (being Australian myself).
            But for me, it was the production value that made up for it. The graphics, the music… It’s hard to argue that it was some of the best of the series.

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