New Classes, Race Coming In Final Fantasy XIV 3.0, Heavensward

New classes, a new playable race, a level cap increase and airships? Final Fantasy XIV's first expansion has been announced, and it's pretty massive.

With players still eagerly awaiting the release of patch 2.4 — "Dreams of Ice" — producer Naoki Yoshida took the stage at the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Las Vegas tointroduce the game's first big expansion — Heavensward.

With a fresh logo from legendary artist Yoshitaka Amano and a name that evokes reaching towards the heavens, the autumn 2015 expansion pack for the award-winning MMORPG finally sees players heading towards the Northern city of Ishgard. The focus of the expansion's story will the the 1000 year-old Dragonsong War between Ishgard and Dravania and the players' role in the conflict and its potential end.

Along with a massive adventure in the north, Heavensward will be adding a ton of fresh features to the game, including:

  • Level cap raise from 50 to 60 across all jobs and professions.
  • Massive new areas.
  • A new player race with both male and female characters.
  • Multiple new jobs.
  • New Primals, one of which will be completely unique to FFXIV.
  • Many new dungeons — more than three or four.
  • High-end raids
  • Airships, Airship, Airships — Free Companies can band together and build their own airships.
  • New gear and recipes.

Here's a look at the teaser trailer for the expansion.

Want more? Twitch user HolyDragonXIV has the entire keynote speech available for your viewing pleasure below.


    Could the new race be a "Dragonkin" sort of thing. This expansion seems to have a dragon theme.

      Doubtful, considering how much the Ishgard people hate dragons (Dragoons are trained to kill dragons, after all).

        Yeah, but they could be from Dravania. Honestly, I know jack shit about the lore of FFXIV. I only ever played the first 30 days.

        Last edited 19/10/14 8:51 pm

    So much content is proposed to come shortly!

    Hmmm... new dragoon type class? Looks pretty neat.
    (Just wish the trailer music didn't make my ears bleed.)

      What's even wrong with it? There's one note that the woman hits near the beginning that sounds funny to me, but the rest sounds fantastic...

        The singing up until about 50 sec in is grating to me. And doesn't exactly inspire, either. Not very melodic.

      Nah, that's just the Dragoon's AF2:

      Also, 2.4 trailer (new class/job):

    Considering Square Enix have said the expansion will be roughly as big, if not, bigger than 2.0, I would hope they would have more than 3-4 new dungeons (ARR came out with 14 Light Party dungeons, two Full Party story dungeons and one raid).

      Don't believe everything you read till you see it.

      Do those light party dungeons your counting include the ones that are literally a room with 1 boss?

      Last edited 19/10/14 7:59 pm

        I try not to, but they did say this.

        No. Those are Trial fights (assuming you mean Primals) and only the Story Mode versions of those fights are Light Party.

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