Gamers Wonder When Fatal Frame Got This 'Erotic'

Gamers Wonder When Fatal Frame Got This

The Fatal Frame games have always been scary. They have been kind of sexy too. But the latest entry is, flat out, being called an erotic game by Japanese Wii U owners.

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Warning: This article contains spoilers as well as content some readers might find objectionable.

The latest Fatal Frame game, Fatal Frame: Oracle of the Sodden Raven, was developed by Koei Tecmo, a company famous (infamous?) for its curvy characters. So, a sexier Fatal Frame game shouldn't be a total surprise, right?

Tecmo did the first three main Fatal Frame games (as well as one Nintendo 3DS spin-off). There was some fan service in the earlier games, including bikini costumes, but, at their core, they were mainly about the scares.

No doubt, Tecmo wants to scare players with the new Fatal Frame. However, most chatter about the game online now in Japan is about how "erotic" the game is. In interviews (via NeoGAF), Tecmo has said their outfits were designed to look "sexy" when wet. And the game has an array of outfits to dress up the characters in. The top image shows the default outfit for main character Yuuri Kozukata on the left. Below, you can get a glimpse of one of the bonus outfits, which has been raising eyebrows online.

Gamers Wonder When Fatal Frame Got This

The latest game is also about the scares. You can play through it without these bonus outfits. The game still offers the J-horror experience players want.

However! Instead of using the in-game spirit camera to snap photos of ghouls, it looks like some players are using it to snap photos of women in skimpy outfits. Online in Japan, some players seemed pleased with the rampant fanservice in the game.

"Nintendo is pretty relaxed about the erotic stuff," wrote one commenter. (Note that the Japanese word being used is "ero" or "eroi", which can mean "erotic" or "sexual".)

Others seem less thrilled.

Gamers Wonder When Fatal Frame Got This

In a tweet that was retweeted over seven thousand times, net user Poting asked, "When did the Fatal Frame series turn into this?" Included with the tweet were screens of the game's fan service, including one of the above.

"This isn't erotic, it's obscene," replied another Twitter user. "Was Fatal Frame this type of game?" wondered another.

Keep in mind, in a previous Fatal Frame, you could dress up characters in a bikini with bunny ears. That being said, some players didn't seem all that impressed with the sexualised content in the latest entry.

"This really destroys the game's mood," wrote one 2ch commenter.

After seeing a gameplay clip showing an evil spirit go after a character in skimpy clothes, another 2ch commenter added that it was distracting. "It's completely not scary."

And yeah, who would wander around in the dark, decked out like this but carrying a torch?

Gamers Wonder When Fatal Frame Got This

[Photo: Starlight]

A character in the latest Fatal Frame, that's who.

Warning: Story spoiler below.

While this kind of stuff might seem rather tacky and even unpleasant to some, the game's story does feature a rather unsettling pin-up photography scene, with the character Miu Hinasaki (top image, right). She asks if she can become a good actress. The scene plays out voyeuristically through the lens of a viewfinder.

"There's nothing in me. I'm completely empty. That's why I can become anything. I'll listen to everything you say," she says. "And I know everything about you... Good for nothing. All lies. What's more, the person who lied is the one getting hurt, right? Like an idiot."

It's as if Tecmo is at once commenting on sexual exploitation, while at the same time inviting players to participate in similar exploitation throughout the game in the name of fan service.

You can watch the clip here.

Fatal Frame: Oracle of the Sodden Raven was released last week in Japan.

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    I just got a vision of Luigi in a bikini when she mentioned being chased by a ghost.

    Instead of using the in-game spirit camera to snap photos of ghouls, it looks like some players are using it to snap photos of women in skimpy outfits.
    Perv Simulator 2015

    God, even the name sounds dirty and nasty - sodden raven? Ew.

    Hmmm, fyi, there is a DOA character playable in the game

    When Fatal Frame Got This 'Erotic'

    The latest Fatal Frame game, Fatal Frame: Oracle of the Sodden Raven, was developed by Koei Tecmo

    Right there, that is when the game got this erotic. At this point Koei Tecmo are the nobel laureates of excessive, unashamed use of fanservice.

    Last edited 02/10/14 8:54 am

    sigh, its a GAME. Different people play things for different reasons. Quite honestly the news is more objectionable than this.

      No one gives a shit if Dead or Alive used shameless fanservice to titillate people into purchasing. This is just needless sexualisation that's tonally incongruent with the rest of the franchise. It's supposed to be a horror game but looks like a wet t-shirt contest.

    These outfits are extras though, so you have a choice whether or not you want to use them. Use them if you want to, don't use them if you don't want to. Sure, I think a character wandering around in their underwear ruins the feel of the game, but that just means I wouldn't use the costume.

    I'm surprised they aren't pushing this to the West, the Wii U needs as many games as it can get.

      Given the reaction they probably correctly assumed this additional content would get in the west, I'm not really surprised to find that they're apprehensive in releasing this outside the East Asian market.

      To be entirely honest, while I think content like this does kinda take away from the game and cheapen it a bit, since it's been said above that the content is optional, it doesn't really matter much, what would bug me is if Koei Tecmo decided to release about umpteen thousand more skimpy/risque outfits and put spammed them on the eShop as paid DLC *coughcoughdeadoralive5coughcough*

    Another one of these trashy "someone is angry somewhere" articles designed to create angry discourse and clicks. Shameful.

    It was long due, this is Tecmo, the company that put in boob sliders in their fighting games.

      To be fair, in their most recent game, they replaced the slider with a three choice option.

      Admittedly those three choices were: off, natural and DOA...

        ...and 'OMG', if you grind out the majority of lose animations. It's pretty much the equivalent of having the slider to 99 in previous games.

    Nowadays everyone is complaining about erotic content in games and i really dont understand why. You guys are gay or what?

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