Gaze Upon The Sprawling Lay Out Of PAX Australia

PAX Australia is just under a month away and for those of you clutching your tickets with hype running through your veins, the folks behind the show have just revealed the maps of the show itself, giving us a better idea of who will be there, and where they will be in the sprawling space that is the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

You can check out the whole thing in full here.

There are a couple of cool things worth noting.

— Media Molecule has their own stand at the show. Normally a studio like Media Molecule would be part of a broader Sony stand or something like that, but at PAX Australia Media Molecule has gone to the effort of creating their own unique space. This is pretty cool. Very keen to see what that looks like.

— There are over 150 seperate exhibitors at the show. I have no perspective with this number. Zero. But that seems like a lot.

— There are over 60 indie developers with stands at the show. I think this is properly awesome.

— For scale: see that PC Freeplay & Tournament area? That has 240 PCs in it. Yep. 240 PCs.

Basically, PAX Australia is going to be seriously massive this year.


    Wait ... Have tickets already been sent out? Because that's worrying then

      I haven't heard of anybody getting theirs yet. Apparently the PAXau twitter account said they should arrive early October.

        Ahh, ok then. Mild panic subsiding.

    That looks a whole lot easier to navigate than last time.

    And I'm going to be torn between heading for an early spot in those morning panels versus making a beeline for the Oculus booth.

    Is Sony (besides Media Molecule) not showing up at all? Must have missed that. (Unless I'm just blind and can't spot them on the map)

      They didn't last year, I'd hoped it was just because it was the first PAX Aus. Maybe they're just afraid of dropbears?

    Awww yisssss! This might mean playable Little Big Planet 3! Woop woop woop! This all looks so much better than last year; I'm really glad they obviously listened to feedback and are improving things. Excited!

      LAst years was pretty good, but this looks to have improved on all the things that needed improvement, specifically the LoL booth taking way to much space in the centre of the room and all the panels having not enough space.

        Oh man, tell me about it. All those people crowded around LoL made it super hard to navigate along those pathways.

          I was crowded around there and i agree so much.

            But let's both be glad there's no effing World of Tanks wasting valuable space this year :P


                Sorry to burst your bubble. But Wargaming is the publisher in Oceania for World of Tanks. So yes... you will be seeing World of Tanks again.

              Still there and still big, next to the ubisoft area. Doesn't look like they are as huge this time

                I think she means wasting up space with a truck carrying a tank.

                  I wasn't sure if she knew that wargaming was world of tanks as the plan doesn't actually say world of tanks. Still a big presence but yeah, not huge tank and stuff.
                  Although that tank was pretty cool imo

                  @tigerion Yeah, the tank was ok. I might not like the game but I've got to at least give them credit for taking the event more seriously than anyone else. I think what made it feel so obnoxious was that they were the only ones really putting in that much effort. If Microsoft had their Warthog out rather than an empty XBOX One cabinet I might have been able to look in at least one direction without seeing a massive World of Tanks banner.
                  The floorplan looks way better this time, although I've got to say some of the headline booths are still a little small. Back in the olden days when I had stalls at machinery expos we had booths the size of XBOX's at the Exhibition Centre and we didn't really fit that much in there. Granted a plasma cutting table takes up a tad more space than a few big screen TVs, but they'll see much more foot traffic.

              Do you see the big blank block next to Wargaming's booth? $5 says that's a truck/tank or something like that (Aren't they trying to show off Warships now?)

                God, what a waste of money; I don't understand that kind of marketing for games like this. Like, really, if I wanted to see a tank, I could go and find a tank to look at. Games with dragons and the like, I would understand this for.

        Yeah I feel that last time was like an experiment and this year will be the real thing. Slightly disgruntled about the panels not having enough seats last year. Waiting in line for hours just to get into a panel was not fun, or worse, lining up for hours and then missing the line cut-off! If they were at all considerate they would give out tickets to the panels online, with lining up on the day on the off-chance that there were spare seats. Last year's PAX is the reason I'm not going to this year's. Maybe next year depending on how it goes this year.

    Hollllllly shit I just saw the Expo Hall layout! AMAZING.

    Yessss this is the kind of convention size I've been wanting to experience again.

    So.. 2K has a booth huh? Remind me to go over to it and tell them to go f*ck themselves for charging us twice as much as the Americans on Steam, Green Man and anywhere else you care to name.

      Technically wouldn't you have to go to every booth to say the same thing?

        Not every stand, just:
        -Harvey Normans
        -Nintendo (eShop pricing. seriously guys?)

        WB Games are awesome on the other hand, and price stuff the same now days (they adjusted Batman: AC back to match the US price and have maintained that as best I can remember right up to & including Mordor). People should go thank them for being awesome & stuff at PAX.

    Awesome. Lots more compared to last year. Looks like MSY is bringing a whole store...

    I'll be hanging out doe-eyed at booth 1322. :P

      Indeed! Disappointed I cant get to their show at the forum on Saturday night. Dang it.

    I don't think the Tabletop room is big enough

      Check out the Promenade, the entire Munich Brauhaus has been turned into a Tabletop Freeplay space! I hope they're still serving beer!


    how do they honestly organise an event this size and still not have a schedule one month out?
    There's tickets still available on Friday and Sunday, why won't they tell me what I can see?

      This is specifically why I haven't yet bought a ticket, and at this rate, it's not likely I will.

        I got a reply for the PAX customer service email.

        "Panels, concerts and freeplay gaming take place from 6pm to midnight on the Friday. The schedule should be out within the fortnight."

          Right, so there's nothing on during the day on the friday? or just the exhibition hall is open during the day friday, and panels etc start at night?

            No idea. My question was as follows:
            I want to decide what day to attend your expo but it's very difficult without a schedule. I noticed the expo hall closes at 6pm each day but will there still be panels and shows on Friday evening?
            Any idea when the schedules will be out? I'd love to make a decision before tickets sell out again. "

            In hindsight, I probably didn't word my question very well

            Last edited 02/10/14 12:58 pm

      I imagine they have a schedule, they just don't have a public program.

    Couldn't afford to go + not enough free time..

    So i'm going to go to EBExpo to compensate... DON'T JUDGE MEEEEEEEEEEEEE! XD

    Have to sell my 3-Day ticket in lew of having my last HSC exam on the second day... :(

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