Giant Murderous Martian Cockroaches Are Coming To The 3DS

Giant Murderous Martian Cockroaches are Coming to the 3DS

Japan's grizzly sci-fi action manga is getting a video game adaptation. Following in the footsteps of the hit manga series, Attack on Titan, the manga series that has bug-powered humans fighting giant Martian cockroaches, Terraformars is getting its own 3DS game.

Labelled as a single-player "3D battle action" genre game, Terraformars: Battle on the Crimson Star is scheduled for release in Spring of 2015.

Giant Murderous Martian Cockroaches are Coming to the 3DS

A teaser image released by Weekly Famitsu shows one of the terraformers — a giant hyper-evolved bipedal cockroach — battling the character, Michelle. If I were to guess, the image looks to be more of a cutscene or a QTE event rather than actual gameplay. The game is being developed by Furyu and a teaser site for the game is up.

Hopefully the game won't be as blatantly censored as the anime is.

『テラフォーマーズ 紅き惑星の激闘』のティザーサイトがオープン テラフォーマーとの熾烈なバトルをニンテンドー3DSで体験せよ [ファミ通.com]


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