Glitches Make Shadow Of Mordor's Orc Hunting Way Funnier

Glitches Make Shadow Of Mordor's Orc Hunting Way Funnier

Things don't always go according to plan when you're trying to hunt an orc. Sometimes, things can get a little wacky — especially if you happen to encounter a glitch.

Now that Shadow of Mordor has been out for a few days, people are documenting some of the glitches they have come across. Take the one above, for example — a screenshot uploaded by neoGAF user GavinUK86. Two caragors joined by the face, making a sort of caragor centipede. Eww.

Most glitches I've seen floating around are a bit of a hoot like that. Here are some of our favourites.

Trampoline orc

Glitches Make Shadow Of Mordor's Orc Hunting Way Funnier

This gif comes from a video by Drew Troxell, and it shows how sometimes the special introductions that powerful orcs do in the game can sometimes mess up. Which brings us to...

The orc that can't stop introducing himself

Personally, I think watching the lead-up to the glitch is important here, so you can get a sense of how the player experienced the glitch. But if you don't have time for that, just skip to the 2:15 mark, where you'll see a warchief glitch onto a corner. Suddenly, it decides to spew out over a dozen introduction's worth of dialogue. Definitely a glitch, but I like to pretend it's more like the warchief losing his mind right before death, because that makes it freakier.

ScorpionAR556 does manage to kill the warchief eventually, but not before hearing a bunch more lines:

Walking on air

Exactly what it sounds like. It seems as if this glitch is the result of the game messing up after you try to get off a caragor:

Mordor the dance club (seizure warning!)

Woah. Suddenly, Mordor becomes a lot less gloomy and a lot more trippy.

Falling through the map

Ah, a classic. This type of glitch happens in nearly every game, but in this instance it's funny because it happens mid-orc grab.

Genius AI

Running around in circles, never noticing that you're crouched in front of them — even though your bodies are touching. Oh, Orc AI. You're so doofy sometimes.

What about you, have you encountered any funny or notable glitches while playing Shadow of Mordor? Let us know in the comments.


    Not so much a glitch but encountered a band of Orcs surrounding 2 Orcs fighting it out. They both killed each other at the same time and the others Orcs looked kinda confused and wandered off.

    I've had the one where you kill them and they fall over and just keep on talking.

    I've only had 1 so far, Shot an orc and it just didn't register, he had no idea he had been shot and it didn't kill him, he just casually went about his duty with an arrow hanging out of his face

    I love when a slave starts running and like 50 ORCs chase him down and kill him, and they ALL cheer like it was the greatest victory ever seen by ORC kind :)

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