Good News And Bad News, Skullgirls Fans

Briefly: The 2D fighting game's third DLC character, the Egyptian-inspired sorta-blood-mage Eliza, is out now on PC and PS3, free for the next three months. The game's Vita and PS4 versions, however, have been postponed to early 2015. Look above for a taste of Eliza's fighting style.



    Played a fair bit of her in the beta.

    Last edited 02/10/14 10:19 am

    This kind of fighter always leaves me confused.
    I like a good solid fighter, they can be loads of fun.
    I also like boobs.
    So I'm left wanting to stare at the boobs, but wanting to play the game. I can't stare at the boobs if I want to play properly but if I play properly i can't stare at the boobs.

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