Hack, Love, Relax, Drink Coffee, Whatever

Else Heartbreak is an upcoming adventure game for the PC

Else Heartbreak is an adventure game set in the peculiar city of Dorisburg, a place where bits have replaced atoms. Follow the daily lives of its citizens, fall madly in love, and learn how to modify reality through programming.

Those delicious visuals? Programming? Adventure gaming? Falling madly in love? I'll be keeping an eye on you, Else Heartbreak.

Hack, Love, Relax, Drink Coffee, Whatever


    I love romance in games. *looks at harvest moon*

      And Rune Factory!

        I f***ing love harvest moon and rune factory!

        I remember running home, speeding through all of my homework, just so I could relax, water my crops, brush my cows, throw my chickens, and drop flowers on bachelorette heads

        Indeed, Rune Factory too. I was on my phone and got lazy and I was like, eh screw it. :P I think I prefer romance in RF to HM... but at least in HM I don't have to save the world before getting married.

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