Hacker Turns His Living Room Into Mario Kart

Hacker Turns His Living Room into Mario Kart

Good thing those banana peels are virtual, huh? In Japan, a gent named Ken Kawamoto used projection mapping and Romo, a robot that's controlled via iPhone app, to "recreate Mario Kart" in the living room. Kawamoto calls this "Romo Kart".

As noted on Hack A Day, there's a Xtion motion-sensing camera and a video projector hanging from the ceiling, which track the Romos. The room is scanned and then a course is generated based on the objects in the room.

Like so:

Hacker Turns His Living Room into Mario Kart

The projection mapped game has Mario Kart-style items like banana peels, and there are also power-ups. Kawamoto says there are plans to release the source code "when we find the time."

RomoCart, a hack to turn your living room into a Mario Kart course [河本の実験室] Your Living Room Becomes Next Mario Kart Course [Hack A Day — Thanks Bakamoichigei!]


    The guy used standard hardware and wrote a program to have them work together. How is this hacking?

      Hacking is often used as a term for quickly cobbling together something.

    hacker? I think Kotaku needs to watch Hackers again to remind themselves what hacking really is. Hack

      Using tech in non standard ways is also hacking now. Ever heard of hacker spaces?

    I had to login just to point out a very obvious fact, this is brilliant!

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