Halo: Reach's UNSC Savannah In LEGO Form

Halo: Reach's UNSC Savannah In LEGO Form

There might not be official Halo LEGO sets, but with its size, builder Nick Brick's fan-build of the UNSC Savannah from Halo: Reach probably would be the crown jewel of such a series.

Check out his gallery of the ship: And you can see the additional Sabre and Pelican ships in detail in the builder's video below:

Lego Halo Reach UNSC Savannah [YouTube, imgur via r/lego]


    my favourite part of the video was the running around the yard with a lego space ship

      but it needed better zoomy and pew-pew sound effects

    I wish this was a lego set :) i would need step by step instructions to blunder my way through.

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