Here's A Custom-Made $US1400 Portable PS4

Here's a Custom-Made $US1,400 Portable PS4

It might be a pain in the arse to carry your big-screen television and PlayStation 4 around with you. So why not lug this portable PS4, instead?

Dubbed the PlayBook 4, this is the work of self-taught engineer Ed Zarick, who previously did a portable Xbox One. As Kotaku UK and Eurogamer point out, the portable console is housed in a 3D-printed plastic case and sports a 22-inch 1080p display.

The PlayBook 4 looks large, but seeing as how there are laptops with bigger screens, this doesn't seem to be too unruly (though, let's be clear, this is a whopper). If you need a portable PS4, this might be one option?

You can get the PlayBook 4 for $US1395 (HDMI out is another $US50 and shipping within the US is $US50). For those looking for a deal, you can provide the PS4 and get the PlayBook 4 for $US1095. They're are available in black and blue as well as in white and black.

Who Wants a Xbox One or PS4 Laptop? [Kotaku UK] The PlayBook 4 is a $US1400 PlayStation 4 laptop [Eurogamer]


    Hold on, if you provide a PS4 you pay more than if he gets the PS4 for you, plus you need to spend more on shipping your PS4 to him in the first place. American 'math' (sic) at work

      Plus, unless you have a spare PS4 lying around, you won't get to use your PS4 for how ever long it takes him to convert it.

    More ammunition for the moronic PC Master race brigade (I'm multi-platform btw)

    Hmm... local Internet is shady at best, not counting PSN's problems. I don't think traveling with a PS4 will work out too well.

    I look at travelling as an opportunity to catch up on my Vita and 2DS gaming. Who needs a portable PS4?

    This is very enterprising and all, but who on earth does this cater for?

    Or you could buy one of these for a fraction of the price, like I did. =)

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