Here's To You, Shadow Of Mordor Orc With A Silly Name

By now, the internet's (somewhat immature) love of any Shadow of Mordor orc named "Dush" is well-known. But few people actually go through the trouble of making a full-on emotional tribute to Dush orcs, like hoodwinkedfool does.

I even got a little sad at the end of this video, too. Aww, Dush. You had an awful name, but you're everyone's favourite, damn it. Can't we just keep you as the warchief forever?

The Quest for the Douchiest Warchief [hoodwinkedfool]


    I had a chompy captain last night. We locked swords and he proceeded to make chompy noises inches from my face. Creepy. Also hilarious.

    I am currently being followed by a sweet little Uruk called Pash Giggles.

    Oh Pash - you complete me

    I just love the Uruks in this game. They totally steal the spotlight in my opinion, and complete the game.

    Guys, not kidding you, I had an enemy Warchief called AZ DUsh , HE WAS ASSDOOSH, and he showed up whenever I least wanted to see him

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