Here's What Halo 3 Looks Like In 1080p

The last Master Chief game made by Bungie came out seven years ago, long before HD resolutions became the norm for most video games. Microsoft's given it a full graphical upgrade for the modern era though. Check out what Halo 3 looks like in high-definition.

The footage above comes via IGN, who unveiled glimpses of both Halo 3 singleplayer and multiplayer. The remastered Halo 3 will be part of The Master Chief Collection, which collects four games from the Xbox exclusive franchise onto one disc. Look for it on November 11.


    A side by side comparison would have made this much easier to appreciate. I'm blind to graphical quality most of the time since I don't care for it. So those videos are great for me.

    Looks great! MC Collection will push me over the edge into getting an Xb1.

    This just makes Destiny look so much worse in comparison. It's a 7 year old game, and the depth and variety of gameplay shits all over Bungie's latest effort (imho... obviously).

    Not saying Destiny isn't fun - it is - I just expected a few more Haloesque components to it, like vehicular combat, large skirmish arenas with multiple approaches, weapon variety, interesting enemy types, set pieces etc etc etc.

    Can you imagine the open semi-shared world of Destiny, but with Halo level encounters? You'd actually see other Guardians doing cool stuff off in the distance (like bringing down a Scarab - I can't believe that the Devil Walker enemy in Destiny doesn't actually walk anywhere, it's just stays in one place the entire time!), instead of them just farming Helium Filaments and shooting into a cave.

      God damn it Puck. You just revealed to me why I didn't enjoy Destiny when I myself couldn't quite figure out why.

      So uh... thanks? :P

    I was really disappointed in Halo 3, but more so by Destiny, mostly for the reasons Puck outlines above.

    IGN player is in 60FPS and it looks great

    MY BODY IS READY. I now have all the reasons to play through the whole series once more.

    I'll be more impressed to see HD footage of Halo 2. Replaying through the Halo games in chronological order it's a big jump going from the the remastered Halo 1 to the original Halo 2. So blurry, such lacking textures. Then you go to Halo 3 and the graphics jump up a huge amount again. So yeah, Halo 2 HD footage please :P

    I was excited but then I remembered how very ordinary Halo 3 was a SP game. I am being honest, most people I know also too found it a let down.
    Yet for some reason I still want this. Maybe when I have a exclusive non-remake reason to cave in and get a XBOne I will get MCC.

    I spent most of my life playing games on PC and couldn't figure out why I hated playing games on consoles until I got the Xbone. Being so used to 1080p graphics on my computer meant using a 360 or ps3 was like mixing sand in with ur ice cream.

    Funny, I've been playing the original Halo in 1080p for 7 years!

      You might wanna take a break, that's a long time to be playing a game.

    The lighting on John's armour looks amazing.

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