Hollywood Is Planning To Make An 'Epic' Sci-Fi Movie About Tetris

Hollywood Is Planning To Make An 'Epic' Sci-Fi Movie About Tetris

It's being developed by the producer behind the Mortal Kombat films from the '90s. A post from the Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy blog outs the upcoming film adaptation of Tetris, with Threshold Enetrtainment honcho Larry Kasanoff saying that there's going to be an big story.

"It's a very big, epic sci-fi movie... This isn't a movie with a bunch of lines running around the page. We're not giving feet to the geometric shapes."

"Brands are the new stars of Hollywood. We have a story behind 'Tetris' which makes it a much more imaginative thing."

Now, if you're looking for some hope, Threshold's animation division has done short-form work based on Lego Star Wars and Marvel's superheroes. Nevertheless, Kasanoff's remarks sound a little too much like the formula that gave us the cheesy Battleship film from a few years back.

Granted, Tetris is one of those video games that absolutely everyone knows, but film adaptations of games properties have long, winding paths to the actual silver screen. So there's no telling yet just when we'll see this Tetris movie. It will be like waiting for the long, skinny tetronimo.

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    I was almost expecting to see Uwe boll's name here somewhere.

      I'd almost rather he made it than Michael Bay... almost...

    I'm imagining a dark, edgy Tetris movie. L-Block is out on the streets, barely feeding his family with a meagre job as a small-time criminal. I-Block is a corrupt cop stealing money from orphans or something.

    My first thought of course is... wtf? But.. on the plus side.. at least it's something original, and not another rehash of a movie that's already been made, so it's got that going for it at least!



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      This is exactly where my mind went when I saw this. Kudos good sir!

    I'm not even kidding when I say I will watch this movie no matter what it turns out to be.

    Battleship was frigging awesome. I don;t know why it gets the hate.
    If this is as good as Battleship, I'll go see it.

      Yeah, I loved the Battleship movie too. Some great action scenes and just the right amount of cheese! :D

    Why does Hollywood insist on adapting so many games that don't have anything resembling narrative, dialogue or characters?

    Well, since they say "Sci-Fi", that rules out the easy option of the under dog story about a kid who is picked on at school but becomes the Tetris champion, thus earning the admiration of his peers and the love interest. That leaves a dystopian future in which the equivalent of a Colosseum is the Tetris arena where contestants must fight for their lives against being crushed by forming lines with Tetronimoes and making blocks disappear. Of course, there will be some corruption behind the scenes that gets exposed and the hero will win their freedom.

    The only thing that would make me excited for this movie is if it was something like Catherine.

    It's exactly 6 months from April 1st so... I guess October 1st is when companies announce things seriously when they really should be kidding. I mean this really, *really* should be a joke. Someone, somewhere, is having a laugh.

    Hopefully all the pieces fall into place for this project. And then it disappears.

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