Far Cry 4's New Trailer Makes Some Interesting Musical Choices

How is this new Far Cry 4 trailer different from all other Far Cry 4 trailers? No, it's not the guns. Or the elephants. Or Pagan Min in all his Pagan Min-ly glory. Something stands out about the fact that it's set to a cover of "I Will Survive". Seems like a bold move in my book.

For the purposes of comparison and simple fun, here's something Kotaku's video team whipped up showing what the trailer would look like if it was set to Gloria Gaynor's original disco-era version of the iconic gay anthem. Enjoy:

Now... who else is hoping that the next Far Cry 4 trailer will be set to "It's Raining Men?"


    IMO Kotaku's is better

    well done Kotaku for making such a superior trailer, couldn't even watch the ubi one, that cover was exceptionally grating

    I found the use of an old pop song remade into something gritty really cool.
    I'm sure 8 years ago if someone said they made a game with a trailer that made twinkle twinkle little star scary, you'd laugh. it's all about context, And I'm happy to see something that's more than just the one layer we see. I get the impression far cry 4 will be what we know of 3, but something more as well.

      one of the trailers for Lords of the Fallen was set to a nice slow and gritty version CCR's Bad moon rising

      Yeah I agree, I preferred the slower/duller tone of the cover.... when using the original song it felt like a 70's cop show.

    I really enjoyed the cover version myself.
    Whilst I haven't been the biggest fan of Ubisoft's recent game offerings, their recent trailers have introduced me to two artists I now absolutely love in Woodkid and Half Moon Run. Much kudos to them for that alone.

    Attempting to stir up some controversy again, Kotaku? I'm not sure how ubisoft intended to enter a debate about sexuality but you sure forced them into this one. The song isn't just a gay anthem, it was also a symbol of female empowerment. I'm not sure how "bold" it is to simply use a popular song with a NUMBER of interpretations for a trailer unless you're trying to insert a discourse here when it's entirely irrelevant. Taken literally, the song is perfectly matched in tone to the trailer. The original provides a nice contrast/juxtaposition that isn't present in the original but perhaps they wanted to remain true to whatever tone they set in the game, maybe they don't and want to subvert expectations. All of these things come to mind and are entirely more important to this game's discussion than just inserting sexuality under the guise of real discourse.

    Haha, I love the tags on this post... just how many Gloria Gaynor articles are there on Kotaku?

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