How Much Money Have You Spent On Your PS4?

How Much Money Have You Spent On Your PS4?

You're already out $500 for Sony's newest gaming console, but you've likely purchased a few other accessories and games to go along with it. So in the roughly one year since it's launched, what's that number add up to for you?

Following our format for how much money you pumped into your Xbox One, let's remember all the potential intricacies of owning a PS4: the headsets and accessories, the premium subscriptions, the potential complete living room rearrangements...

So, what's your personal count? Share your list below, like this:

$Add Up Your Total Cost Here

PS4 ($500)

One-Year PlayStation Plus Membership ($70)

Infamous: Second Son ($6)

Transistor ($20)

Two extra controllers ($200)

Let's see what you got! And feel free to add any necessary context to your list, should you feel it needs it.

The last post of our inquisition comes tomorrow, for the Wii U. Prepare to crunch your numbers!

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    Well, to be fair and not come off as biased from yesterday.


    $500 console
    $60 TLOU from US Store
    $30 Killzone
    $24? 3 months PSN

    Have barely touched the thing regretting it a little, hopefully March will change that.

    Last edited 09/10/14 11:36 am

      Yeah thats the gut feeling i had that it was going to gather dust hence why i got the 2nd xbox and my wife has really got back into gaming (mainly thanks to diablo and destiny) we almost play every night after the kids have gone to bed :)

        I got it cheap enough I guess if I use it for say 4 exclusives a year for 5-7 years I'd have gotten my moneys worth, I got a ps3 late in its life and when I tried to go back and play the older games I couldn't get into them.

      Why did my console cost $549 at launch? Did I get ripped off by EB Games? I thought the console's RRP was $399 in the US and $549 in Australia?

    Mm, console, extra controller, like... 15 physical games now, I think, bunch of downloadable titles, and PS + (already had it, but renewal). I don't even know. A thousand, $1500? It's totally been worth it though, I super love it.

    PS4: $500
    Controller: Free
    Destiny: Free
    Wolfenstien: Free
    Last of Us Remastered: Free
    Call of Duty Ghosts: $40
    Minecraft: $15
    Velocity: Free
    PS Plus 4 Months :$20
    3 Extra Controllers: $180
    Charging Dock: $20
    Total: $775

    PS4 ($500)
    Additional controller ($60)
    Destiny CE ($130)
    Trials Evolution ($36)

    ps plus ongoing subscription from other playstation consoles so not really gonna add that in but yeah

    $500 console ( which died 3 months after purchase and couldn't find receipt)
    $599 2nd console :(
    $69 extra controller
    $60 last of us
    $60 shadow of mordor
    $20 3 months ps+
    $20 extra cables for controller
    $89 d3 reaper of souls
    $60 destiny
    Love the ps4 - so upset couldn't find the receipt for the first one and the store couldn't help

    Planning to get one, though not sure when to be honest. AS a result, $0

      You should probably get a Gaming PC instead ( if you don't already have one). In the long term, its a lot cheaper than owning a PS4! Thats one among many advantages

    I got my PS4 on New Years Eve last year, to date I've spent $1,433.80 (PS4 + PS Eye + Extra DS4 + 17 Games) on physical items.
    I've spent a further $250.64 on Digital Content (10 PSN Games + PS+) for a combined total of 27 PSN Games.

    Which brings my total to $1,684.44... now if only I had more time play everything!

    (Game prices were what I paid at the time, not what you'd get them for now)

    Total: $1094
    PS4: $500
    Controller: $74
    PS Plus: $60
    ACIV: $70
    Killzone: $60
    BF4: $30
    COD: $30
    Infamous Second Son: $70
    MGSV Ground Zeroes: $30
    Watch Dogs: $30
    Wolfenstein: $30
    Alien Isolation: $70
    Destiny: Free
    Last of Us Remastered: Free
    Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty: $20
    Infamous First Light: $20

    Jesus, that's a lot...

      Oddworld (the only PS4 game aside from Bloodborne that I wish was on Xbox - though I think it may come out eventually)

      Last edited 09/10/14 6:42 pm

    PS4 ($550)
    One-Year PlayStation Plus Membership ($70)
    Infamous: Second Son ($80)
    Killzone ($50)
    Metal Gear Solid 5 ($50)
    Destiny (Trade in)
    Wolfenstein Special Edition ($100?)
    Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile Edition pre-order ($50)
    Assassins Creed IV (Christmas Present)

    Destiny DLC will push that over $1,000 for the year soon.

    Destiny Bundle ($500? I think? my memory is shocking)
    Destiny: Free
    AC: Black Flag: Free
    3 month PS+: $24
    Charging station: $25
    Total: $549

    Pretty much have only used my PS4 for Destiny which I have played a lot (150+ hours) I have barely even looked at the dashboard of my PS4 and never launched any other games.

    (Checks to make sure the Mrs doesn't visit this site.....ok were good to go)

    Console + extra controller + camera + Vertical stand + 2 games on day 1
    charger for controllers + extra controller (wore out the rubber on one)
    Wireless Gold headset
    about 10 games (physical and DL)
    PS + 1 year sub

    (double checks to make sure Mrs Isnt going to find out....ok still good)

    I think its probably around the 1.5-2k mark so far, it try not to keep count so I can justify a new game whenever I want. This doesn't include the new TV I bought for them as my old one met a timely demise (he he)

    I also got a Xbone day 1 and have spent about the same amount on that as well (missed yesterdays article), but lets just keep that between you, me and the thousands of other trustworthy people on this site.

    Just don't ask me how much I've spent on my gaming rig and games over the last 1-2 years (its probably a little embarrassing)

      The rubber wearing out on the controllers you can actually get free replacements for. Sony have recognised the problem so it's really easy to do. I just went to the store I bought it from and they gave me new ones and took the old ones and the store deals with Sony.

    Well, the PS4 for 500
    Extra controller about $80
    $20 on a cheap headset after losing included
    1 PS+ sub is what $60 $70ish?
    $200 on Destiny
    $80 on Diablo 3
    $80 on Shadow of Mordor
    $80 on Alien Isolation
    $70 on Watch Dogs
    $80 on Infamous Second Son
    $30 on Child of Light
    $40 on Trials Fusion
    $60 on Last Of Us Remastered
    $70 on CoD Ghosts
    $80 on NFS Rivals
    $130ish for Black Flag
    $250 on Dragon Age preorder
    $200 on Witcher 3 preorder

    Actually I don't want to do this any more...

      You need to get your initial cost of purchase down ;)

      I've been paying around $60 for games on release day through Dick Smith. Put $10 down on the pre-order, they knock a further $10 off the price. Turn up in store on release day, pay the balance of $50 and you're good to go :D

        I'd rather pay the extra $20 to not deal with Dick Smith :P

        Truth is I hate preordering online and still get a small thrill from going to a store to pick up a game. Plus the girls at the EB next to my work are pretty fantastic and automatically price match JB without me asking now.

        What I need to stop doing is ordering these overpriced collectors full of crap I'll never use. But they're so shiny.

          when you figure out how to stop yourself let me know, I too buy far too many shiny things I don't need or use.

            Well, when he lets you know pass it on.

              Can you let me know aswell mate

    1 year PS+ $55
    Destiny Digital Guradian Ed $90
    TLoU ReMastered $68
    Shadow of Mordor $62
    Trials Fusion $28
    Infamous Second Son $63

    Think that's it, pretty cheap for the amount of gaming I've gotten out of it thanks to PS+ and Warframe got a good whack as well.

    I've still been working through my backlog of previous generation games, but so far I've got:

    PS4: $400
    Assassin's Creed 4: $60
    Killzone Shadow Fall: $20
    Total: $480

    Total... around $1050, I think.
    $500 Console
    $90 Killzone
    $90 Knack (oops)
    $130? AC:IV Statue edition
    $90 Infamous: Second Son
    $100 Destiny
    $70 PS+

    It is now being used exclusively for Destiny, as was foretold six months ago... *sigh*

    PS4 = $550
    3 months PS+ x 2 = $40
    12 months ps+ = $70
    AC4 CE = $200
    PS4 Press Kit with 5 games = $250
    Killzone Steelbook = $70
    Metal Gear Solid = $40
    TLOU = $50
    Trials Fusion = $36
    Infamous Second Son CE = $100
    Destiny Ghost Edition = $20
    Gold Wireless Headset = $129
    Transistor = $15
    Counter Spy = $15

    Maybe more?

    I only got my PS4 recently, through the Dick Smith ebay promotion. I think that was $400?
    Another $100 for Destiny.

    Do I count my PS+ Subscription if I was already paying for it before I got the PS4? I don't think it's fair to count it for this year. It rolls over in February, so I'll count it then.

    PS4 - $530
    TLOU - $70
    Destiny - $130
    Shadow of Mordor - $80
    3 months of PS+ - $30


    How you say?
    PS4 cost $545
    Sold on eBay release day for $820 plus post
    Paid about $15 in eBay and PayPal fees

    Console: $0 - saved up Coke Reward tokens for 84 weeks
    PS Plus 3 month subscription: $20
    Infamous Second Son: $60
    Alien: Isolation (Ripley edition): $110
    Total: $190

      Lol - saved up coke reward tokens for 84 weeks?!

      Unless you stole those coke labels you paid a lot of money for your ps4 hahaha

      Still well done for saving that much points!!!

      Sweet Jesus! How much Coke did you have to buy/drink for that?

    PS4: Free (I have some awesome friends)

    $1,782.95 roughly on games and accessories.

    PS4 Killzone pack: $699 (inc extra controller, camera, KZ Shadwowfall)

    BF 4 and Premium: $160
    COD Ghosts: $79
    Trial Fusions: $50
    Rayman: $55
    NFS: $79
    UFC: $79
    Madden 25: $89
    Madden 15: $79
    Wolfenstein: $79
    Destiny: $79
    Watchdogs + STUPIDITY season pass $109
    Infamous: $79
    Child of Light: $30
    Metal Gear Zeroes: $45
    The Golf Club: $50
    Thief: $79
    Knack: $79
    Tomb Raider: $79
    MLB 14: $69
    Sniper Elite 3: $79
    Lego Movie Videogame: $50
    Sherlock Holmes Crime and Punishment: $78
    Turtle beach talkback headset: $29

    Looks like $2382....

    Feeling like I forgot something though.... I'll update when I finish work if I have forgotten a game or two....

    Guess you can add the PS Vita on there that I got soleley for Remote play as well.... Brings the total figure up past 2500

    Total: $1,232.85
    PS4: $550
    Controller: $68.93
    1TB SSHD: $159.95
    PS Plus Aus: $49.88
    PS Plus US: $29.99
    Killzone: $62
    Battlefield 4: $62
    Battlefield 4 Premium $51
    COD: $62
    Lego Marvel Super Heroes $44.10
    Destiny Digital Guardian Edition: $93

    $575 for PS4 plus Infamous Second Son
    $70 For Last of US remasted
    $70 for DI2 base game + 27 for guardians back plus $12 for groot, $12 for rocket rackoon $12 for that green guy

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