How Much Money Have You Spent On Your Xbox One?

How Much Money Have You Spent On Your Xbox One?

You may have dropped the initial $600 (or, without Kinect, $500) it cost to actually own an Xbox One, but you no doubt pumped more bills into Microsoft's new-generation console than just that since its launch.

Games are the most obvious additions, but maybe you're a stickler for a proper headset or needed a few extra controllers or thought the spiffy controller charging dock would look great tucked into your media centre. Or, hell, maybe you needed an entirely new media centre for your brand new Xbox One!

So, what's your personal count? Share your list below, following this format:

$Total Price

Xbox One ($600/$500)

12-Month Xbox Live Gold Subscription ($80)

Call of Duty: Ghosts ($100)

Titanfall ($70)

Two extra controllers ($160)

Let's see what you got! And feel free to add any necessary context to your list, should you feel it needs it.

We'll be rolling out something identical to this throughout the week for the PS4 and Wii U too, so get those credit card statements and stashed receipts ready.

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    0! That includes paying for the console.

      You people are hilarious. So original... :P

      How did you manage to get an Xbox One for $0? I'm assuming you have one as this question was posed to people who have one.

    $0 Total Price

    Xbox One ($0/$0)

    12-Month Xbox Live Gold Subscription ($0)

    Call of Duty: Ghosts ($0)

    Titanfall ($0)

    Two extra controllers ($0)

    The PS4 version though.......I don't even wanna think about it

    Last edited 08/10/14 11:34 am

      Namiwakiru you are the very reason why I dislike Ps4 owners, so self absorbed and obnoxious, you aren't funny or original just a Douche ;) enjoy your console with zero games!

      Xbox One gamers! I have probably spent about $1000 - $1500 already, and worth it!
      please take advantage of the fact you can change your console region at a whim and get those discounts on the following regions
      USA / Hong Kong / India!

      Got destiny $53 off Hk store
      Shadow of Mordor $59 US store, and I got it a week earlier too!!

      ^this is truly for the players
      See you all on Mc collection in nov!
      1080p 60fps like our launch titles FM5, (Sony fanboys do you have a next gen Gran turismo yet???)

    A fair bit.

    I bought a launch console with Kinect and my HDD has 17gb left on it and I have two controllers.
    I’d guess I’ve got a dozen full priced games and a couple of Xbox Live titles.

    More games than I have time to play!

    Edit: It should be clear that for MOST of the games I switched the region to US and got them for $60 at the most.
    It’s SOOOOO freaking awesome being able to do that, I’m not sure how easy it is on PS4 but I have to say I’d rather have a library to 10 games that play at 900p and cost $600 than the same library at 1080p for $1000….. Not that I’d be downloading titles at $100.

    Last edited 08/10/14 11:38 am

      You can do it but its a bit more complicated, basically you create a US account from scratch and similar to x1 you can share everything on console, download it then play it on your AU/main account.

        Ahhhh, cool cheers.
        It sounds like basically the same process as with the Xbox 360.

      Foggy you legend! us store is amazing! Try the Hong Kong store too buddy!

      as far as this whole 1080p 900p nonsense just keep in mind PC gamers have 4K so really dont stress too much hahaha we are all missing out in comparison :)

    Too much to add up, everything costs more here $750 for launch console, have about 15+ games installed digitally from US/GWG and have owned maybe 8 more on disc, 2 controllers, plug n charge kit and have now bought 2 years gold, also signed up for EA access.

    Last edited 08/10/14 11:46 am

    Just posting in here to get started will check prices etc peroperly when i get home tonight

    launch console with Kinect - $600
    4 controllers - $? retail price i guess
    DR3 retail - $80
    Zoo tycoon retail - $60
    AC4 digital - $80
    wolfenstien retail - $60
    diablo 3 retail - $70
    skylander trap retail - $120 + figures about $50
    Titanfall retail - $50
    destiny digital - $100
    PVZ retail - $30
    watch_doge retail - $75
    xbox live gold - $80ish
    way more games both digital + retail will have to check when i can see my shelf

    bear in mind the sub cost of Xbox Live has basically payed for itself in free games and content a few times over also.

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    about a thousand bucks, all to EB games.
    Console: $500
    Destiny: $110
    Titanfall: 2nd hand, given to me cheap because I was buying a lot: $35
    Alien isolation: $110
    Far cry 4 (preorder): $110
    Halo MCC (preorder): $110
    Halo 5 guardians (preorder, partial) $50

    Total: $1025

    Thanks tax return!

    Xbox One Day One ($599)
    12 Month Subscription + Forza LE + Controller Day One bundle ($199)
    Dead Rising ($79)
    Ryse ($89)
    Zoo Tycoon ($79)
    Titanfall CE ($400)
    Titanfall Controller ($69?)
    Play N Charge kit ($29?)
    Audio Adaptor ($29?)
    Dance Central Spotlight + dance packs (Forgot price)

    Not really getting the money worth from my X1 investment until now. Playing all multiplatform on PS4.

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    Destiny: Ghost Edition (about $180)

      What, no console? Do you just stare at the disc box :-)

        wait, its more than just a box?

        Last edited 08/10/14 12:32 pm

        Nah, maybe later.

        There's heaps of other stuff in there that doesn't require a console, like the Ghost replica. :p

    Console $599
    Dead Rising 3 $80
    NFS Rivals $70
    BF4 $70

    2 months ago

    Sold BF4 -$40
    Sold Console with 2 games -$500

    Didint really think my purchase through haha ended up choosing the PS4 as my console of choice since I have a Vita and PSN acount etc

    Xbox One Day One: $600
    One extra controller: $70
    Xbox Live Gold: $50
    COD Ghosts: $100
    AC IV bucaneer edition: $140
    Battlefield 4: $70
    Titanfall: $70
    Rayman Legends: $60

    Total: $1160

    So far I'm happy with it.

    Last edited 08/10/14 12:30 pm

    2 Xbones and 2 copies of Destiny so me and the girlfriend can both play together (she was pretty shocked at that surprise!).
    One was a Titanfall version with Kinect, one plain without Kinect, so around $1200.

    Of course now that I've learnt about the "home console" setting on the Xbone I've realized if I buy games digitally I only need a single copy to play on both consoles simultaneously. Was pretty happy to find out we only need to pay for one Live gold account while we can use it across both consoles at the same time too!

      Of course now that I've learnt about the "home console" setting on the Xbone I've realized if I buy games digitally I only need a single copy to play on both consoles simultaneously.

      I really want to get my hands on a setup like this for a few weeks to test the limits and see what does and doesn't work. It sounds too good to be true.

        It sounded too good to be true to me as well!

        I've setup my live gold account on the kinect xbone, and so when me and my GF play Destiny I've gotta be on the non-live one. But she can login and play with me in a fireteam with her own live account that isn't gold or anything like that (it's just a newly created, free account).
        Tested Titanfall and after the massive download to both consoles (glad I'm with Iinet so that traffic is freezone) both me and a friend were able to play the one single copy on 2 xbones at the same time. I had to be logged into the non-kinect xbone but it worked no problem. Should work for DLC too, but I shall have to wait and see for that.

        Basically you share everything you have on your account with anyone logged in on your home xbone, then as long as you are logged into the non-home xbone you can get 2 instances going of whatever digital content you've got on your account. Obviously with physical copies of games you still need 2 discs, but digitally you can double 'em up.

        Sounds like it should work for online services too, but I haven't given that a shot yet. Seems to be a pretty epic feature, and it was damn reassuring to find out about since I only got 2 xbones cause it looks like lots of xbone games have continued the 360's legacy of having no bloody local co-op!

          That sounds pretty sweet. Does it require always on internet connection for either of them (or both)? I know XBOX Video kicks me out of the app every time my connection drops, so I can't imagine this sort of link would be more generous.

            Dunno eh, both the boxes are connected to the wireless and we've only really tried online-only games on them. All I can say is no-one gets logged from live or anything out when Destiny drops its connection.

          This is some valuable information. Now I'm considering buying 2 XB1s instead of an XB1 and a PS4.

          Better way of setting it up is to make her console your home console, and your console hers. Then set your console to auto log your account in, and her console to auto log in hers. Game sharing sorted, and no screwing around with accounts. Only issue is downloading games from smartglass.

            Could've done that but oh well. Feels right to me that the one with Kinect is the "home" one. She gets the bigger TV, but I get a wheely chair, so it all balances out.

            As for auto log-in, I had to turn off the kinect auto-login thing as both are setup in the same room and every time I turned my head it'd try to log me in to the other xbone :P

            Downloading games from smartglass? I've never played with any of the smartglass stuff eh.

              I meant auto login on startup, not Kinect auto login. I find voice login much better, although show my stuff is pretty unreliable and usually just reloads whichever profile is in front already.

              If you buy games or grab your games with gold from smartglass, it can auto download to your Home console.

                Ah fair enough eh, might have to check out some of those features. Auto-login would be good for loading up accounts and Destiny while we're still doing bits and pieces round the house, since Destiny takes a bit to login and get to orbit.

              Smartglass features are a bit hit and miss but give it a shot with the HDMI remote features enabled on the XBOX. I use XBOX On and XBOX Turn Off Kinect commands, which now control my TV on and TV off. Then I have my phone handle the volume/mute when Smartglass is connected. XBOX Mute, Pause and Play are also pretty handy voice commands. It's not really gaining me much but I haven't touched either of my remotes in ages.

    $600/$500 it is $500/$400.

    Xbox One $599
    Forza 5 (Bundle) $0
    Dead Rising 3 (Bundle) $0
    Titanfall -$30 (Bundle/Sold Code For 30) (Have it on PC)
    Ass Creed Pirates (Black Flag) -$50 (Bundle/Sold Sealed For 50) (Have it on PS4)
    Ryse $49
    Trials Fusion with Season Pass $29
    3 Months gold $29

    Expenses: $706
    Credits: $80

    Final Total $626

    To number crunch further I sold the following to put towards the Xbone:

    PS3 500 gb slim With Mortal Kombat $220

    6 x PS3 Games Sold on ebay $120

    8 x PS3 games that were OLD and couldnt even sell on ebay for $5ea, But got traded into JB for $115

    3DS XL with Pokemon Y, Cube Ninja, sold for $260

    So Final Tally:

    Expenses $626
    Additional stuff Sold: $715
    = +$89 ahead! \o/

      Are you an accountant?

        i may as well be! I am actually a bit of a hoarder and have a LOT of gaming stuff, and allthough i dont actually spend that much on gaming, i decided on a home made 'recycling' program, because i hold on to a lot of stuff that i never use.... so now, i minimize my expenses on new stuff by culling down what i dont use....

        I used to hold on to all my games, thinking i may one day replay them but it never happens. so unless a game has a multiplayer component i actually engage in, i offload it. especially SP games. I could have actually added some more recent examples.

        Watch Dogs - Bought for $49, finished it and sold it for $60 on gumtree
        Last of Us remastered - Bought for $49, finished it and sold it for $55 on gumtree
        NFS PS4 - Bought for $59, sold for $50 on Gumtree.

        This might make me sound even more like an accountant, but the truth is, im never going to replay these games. By offloading them whist they are still new, i get a decent return on them and invest the money in other games.

        There's no point in holding onto games just to keep them in a drawer for 5 years when i get rid of the console. I learnt this whilst going through my PS3 collection. The reality was, i had tons of games that i played, put into a drawer, and thats where they sat.

        Also, and not that my wife EVER complains about me spending money on games, but i know she appreciates what im trying to do :P

        > TLDR? Sorry i didnt mean for this post to be end up being so big.

          I agree with trading in old games. I was just surprised how thorough your list was. It was like you were going through your receipts.

    Xbox One $600
    Titanfall $0 (bundle)
    Project Spark $0 (Freemium game)
    Watch Doge Digital edition $99 (wish I went to Target where it was $67)
    Destiny LE ($140?)
    Xbox live $80
    Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition $0 (Games with Gold)
    (all other games with gold game because why not)

    Total $839
    seems about right

    I always forget how much the games prices can add up.

    OK - Here We Go

    Console (w/ Fifa 14) - $599
    AC4 Black Flag - $68
    Forza 5 - $68
    Battlefield 4 - $70
    Peggle 2 (Digitial) - $16
    Strider (Digital Sale) - $10
    Dead Rising 3 with Controller and Play and Charge Kit - $140
    Fighter Within - $20
    Killer Instinct (Digital Sale) - $20
    PvZ Garden Warfare - $44
    MGS Ground Zeroes - $30
    Watchdogs - $68
    Lego Marvel - $44
    Lego Movie - $44
    Minecraft (Digital) - $6.65
    Disney Infinity 2.0 - $68
    Forza Horizon 2 - $68
    AC4 Season Pass (sale) - $17
    BF4 Premium (sale) - $46
    Peggle 2 dlc (estimated) - $7
    Pinball FX 2 Tables - $8
    Gold Sub - $80
    which has netted me free
    Halo Spartan Assault
    Strike Suit Zero
    Crimson Dragon
    Max & Curse Of The Brotherhood

    TOTAL - AUD$1541.65

    (I was keeping a tally written down - with prices paid and whatnot - I couldn't have remembered all of this!)

    That's for the console - a second controller and play and charge kit - and that massive backlog in waiting. I'm pretty happy with it overall!

    Though that JB deal this week - $549 with Forza 5, Forza H2, Destiny and AC4 is pretty amazing, got a mate looking to buy one this week and was trying to find him a good deal - couldn't believe it!

    Last edited 08/10/14 2:04 pm

    I didn't think I'd put that much into the XBOX One but I was looking at my installed games the other night and realised I've actually built up a fair library of games for it. I've also got one of those official stereo headsets, an XBOX Live Gold subscription (but ther's plenty of overlap on that thanks to the 360 still getting used), extra controllers, a play and charge kit plus a charging dock. The money really adds up quickly.

    That said I'd happily buy another one at a higher price if they released a XBOX One model with a large SSD, a 2TB regular HDD to act as long term storage (so I can uninstall a game from the SSD and then reinstall it later without downloading anything), a second HDMI output that let me snap two full screen apps over two screens and a low latency HDMI input port that worked for gaming. If they managed to hack a USB output that fed the controller through to a PC while the HDMI input is open that'd be insane. Not that I imagine any of that will happen. We'll get a larger HDD and a smaller case.

    Xbox One with Kinect and Fifa $600
    Extra controller $80
    Gold $60
    Play 'n Charge $30?
    NBA 2K14 $60
    BF4 $60
    Wolfenstein $70
    Diablo 3 $50
    Destiny $70
    NBA 2K15 $70

    OK so
    console w/ fifa 14 - $600
    controller + play n' charge - $70?
    CoD Ghosts - $80?
    Titanfall - $80
    Destiny - $55
    Live Gold - $55

    So total $940

    Worth every cent, IMHO, except maybe CoD. Only really played it for a few hours.

    Xbox One Day 1 Edition - $599
    Forza 5 LE with extra Controller + 12 months Xbox Live - $199
    Ryse - $79
    NBA 2k14 - $79
    Battlefied 4 - $79
    Xbox Play and Charge - $30
    Call of Duty - $69
    Dead Rising 3 - $69
    Thief - $68
    AC IV - $59
    Rayman Legends - $48
    Plants vs Zombies - $53
    Titanfall - $75
    Fighter Within - $20
    Lego Movie Videogame - $66
    Sniper Elit-e 3 - $65
    Madden NFL 25 - $33
    Xbox Live $30 - $30
    Watch Dogs -$80
    UFC - $77
    Wolfenstein - $65
    Lego Marvel - $44
    Tomb Raider DE - $49
    Trials Fusion - $44
    Need for Speed Rivals - $59
    Fifa 15 - $79
    Destiny - $69

    TOTAL - $2286
    Wowzers, thats a lot of coin. Really backed the Xbox one. Will get a PS4 down the track though. Pretty scary when I put all those on paper.

    Last edited 08/10/14 5:30 pm

    Let's see...

    Xbox One (Kinect free) - $499
    Bundled with Forza 5, NBA2K14 and Lego Marvel Superheroes
    2nd Controller - $78
    * note game prices below often factor in trade-ins
    Titanfall - $51
    Trials Fusion (w/ season pass) - $13
    MGSV Ground Zeroes - $25 (Digital download)
    Destiny - $40
    Watch Dogs - $40

    So far that's $746; Gold Membership has just carried over from the 360 (which I still maintain) and will last till Feb next year!

    With Lords of the Fallen, Sunset Overdrive, Far Cry, Master Cheif and Saints Row IV coming up that number's going increase substantially!

    Day One console - $557
    Dead Rising 3 Day One Edition - $67
    Extra controller - $58
    Spartan Assault - $20
    Killer Instinct (plus DLC stuff) - $50
    Titanfall - $67
    Titanfall Digital (after selling disc) - $27
    Titanfall Controller - $58
    Ryse Legendary Edition - $49
    Stereo Headset Adapter - $9
    Day One 12 Month Xbox Live (wanted Shadow Jago) - $20 (traded a couple of things)
    12 months Xbox Live - $20

    So uh, yeah a fair bit. Still got Sunset Overdrive and MCC to come this year.

    Day One console with Fifa 14 ($600)
    2nd controller (Titanfall special edition) ($80)
    Play and charge ($30)
    Titanfall ($67)
    PvZ ($50)
    NBA 2K14 ($70)
    CoD: Ghosts ($80)
    Destiny ($70)
    Fifa 15 ($77)
    Fifa 15 micro transactions ($70)
    FX Pinball tables ($40)
    Trials: Fusion ($20)
    Peggle 2 ($20)

    = $1274

    **Prices of games may not be accurate :S

    Launch Xbox One incl. Kinect & FIFA14: $598
    Dead Rising 3 + Controller bundle: $109 (I think)
    Battlefield 4: $79
    Forza 5: $79
    Titanfall Headset: $148
    Titanfall Controller: $59
    Titanfall: $79
    Media Remote: $30
    Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare: $19?
    Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition: $40
    Thief: $40? (not sure)
    Wolfenstein: The New Order: $79
    Watch_Dogs Dedsec Edition: $149
    Assassin's Creed: Black Flag: $50
    Minecraft (upgrade from 360): $5
    Xbox Live Gold subscription (renewal of wife's account): $79
    2nd Xbox one Console incl. Destiny, Black Flag and a code for Forza 5 (no Kinect): $499
    2nd Xbox Live Gold subscription (my account): $79
    2nd copy of Minecraft: $27
    Batteries for controllers: ~$20



      Granted that would be around 25% less if I didn't get a second console, but still.

      I wouldn't even know where to begin quantifying what I spent on the previous gen.

    2 x XBOX
    2 extra controlers ( 4 total )

    15 games (almost double if you consider the fact you can share your digital games between two xbox's at the same time)

    1 xbox live 12 months (again shared between to xbox's)

    2 x xbox headset adapter (awesome must have)

    a bunch of black eneloops (best batteries on the market)

    If you have two gamers in the house xbox license policy is the way to go :)

    I paid $598 for the X1 with Kinect, Forza 2, Dead Rising 3, Assassins Creed IV and Titanfall.
    I have purchased Madden 15 andSleeping Sogs Definitive Edition. So about $700AUD.

    For PS4, over $1000 AUD

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