How Ridiculous You Sound Arguing For Your Favourite Technology

Android versus Apple, PlayStation versus Xbox… it really doesn’t matter. All those arguments usually come out sounding just about as silly as any discussion defending any major corporation would, which is to say: why?

Warialasky’s fruit fanboys in the video above make a few references to actual complaints people have shouted over at each other in defence of their own purchases. It kind of puts things into perspective.

Now, that’s not to say I haven’t myself partaken in conversations involving the merits of a shiny new gadget. It can certainly be educational. But there’s definitely a point where you’ve gone too far, aka when friendships are breaking apart over disagreements in technological tastes. It’s not worth it, people. Enjoy your phone, console, browser choice, headphones, instant messenger application and whatever else you mind find yourself debating with friends. No one is going to take your choices away from you, and you are still valid as a human being. Unless you’re going into Apple stores and breaking things. Then, not so much.


  • Tribalism, duh. It’s not going anywhere. Major human social survival trait. Football teams, football codes, car manufacturers, tech manufacturers, choice of city…
    Much better itch scratched on pointless console wars (pfft, peasants… MASTAH RACE!) than things like politics, which actually matter and are much better served by your objectivity. Obviously a degree of self-awareness is desirable, but it’s a sociological phenomenon as natural as anything.

      • I am reminded of the exchange between Lana and Josh the eco-terrorist in Archer.

        “This is a war! And victory will only come when Americans will stop destroying the Earth just so they can drive bigger cars, build bigger houses, and eat bigger food!”
        “So, like… never.”
        “Yeah… Oh my God, that’s depressing.”

  • But can’t this apply for all arguments?
    Conservatives vs Liberals.
    Science vs Religion.
    and Andriod vs iOS

    Isn’t it dependent on the individual and what they personally find important. Value and importance are subjective. Some people really, really love new tech and are willing to have lengthy debates to defend their own favored piece of technology.

    By the same standard then, wouldn’t all debates be considered ‘ridiculous?’
    Eh, just my two cents, I’m not sure if my point of view is properly justified.

    • Gawd! I’m so sick of everybody treating Hitler like shit just because he coincidently happens to also be named Hitler.

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