How The New Nintendo 3DS’s C-Stick Works In Super Smash Bros.

How The New Nintendo 3DS’s C-Stick Works In Super Smash Bros.

Oh, and Monster Hunter. Let’s not forget that. Very important!

Perhaps the most noticeable addition the New Nintendo 3DS brings to the table is a second thumb controller: the C-Stick. Two of the first games to take advantage of it are, of course, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Monster Hunter 4G.

I the videos below, I quickly introduce the C-Stick controls for both games. Generally speaking, I like the C-Stick, and I’ve happy that Nintendo finally released a 3DS portable with it.

It’s also worth noting that you can charge the Smash Attack by holding down the C-Stick. As with other C-Stick-based Smash Attacks, charging is simple, intuitive and effective. I’m very interested how Nintendo will use the C-Stick for future titles.

While using the C-Stick for camera controls, I kept instinctively comparing it to the sensation you get from using a standard controller’s thumbstick — especially the way you can move the stick around. I don’t think that’s entirely fair, because there are certain built-in restrictions with portable 3DS hardware. So far, this seems like a workable solution. Time will tell if that’s true.

In case you missed it, check out how the New Nintendo 3DS stacks up to the original as well as see if the new hardware is indeed faster.

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  • I was a big fan of the nipple on my IBM ThinkPad back in the day, this will do just fine as a secondary control. The pressure sensitive control lends itself well to both smash attacks and camera nudging.

    • Nudging maybe but I really want active/precise control of the camera for first and third person games so I’m still a little concerned that the C-Stick won’t do what’s required of it. Monster Hunter 3 does this annoying thing of treating the analogue stick on the Wii U version more like the old C buttons on the N64, I’d hate for that to be the best the New 3DS can do.

      • For that type of game, the stylus is eleventy billion times faster and more precise. Metroid hunters is a prime example.

        • That’s never really worked for me. Maybe it’s because I play with high sensitivity on my sticks, but I just can’t imagine playing Saints Row or Halo on a Metroid Prime Hunters layout. It tends to dumb the controls down a bit too much. Sort of like early 3D games where you had to stop moving to look around.

          • It’s almost exactly like using a kb+m, except you also have analogue movement. Not sure how it’s dumbed down, hunters plays much, much faster than any console fps.

          • Yeah but it cuts the ability to multi-task a little by increasing the void between the view control and the ABXY buttons. Some games combat that by putting buttons on the screen but I’m not a big fan on screen buttons. I definitely wouldn’t choose to move my hand around the controller that much if there was a well placed thumbstick instead. I also just don’t like the grip style for that. One hand normal and the other sort of half reaching over the display. No matter how much Metroid Prime Hunters I played it never felt comfortable.

            I’m not trying to bash the New 3DS. I’ve got one on pre-order and I’m counting the days. It’s a safe bet Nintendo know exactly what they’re going to do with it and it’ll be cool (they’ve made plenty of worse features work outstandingly). I’m just a little weary of it. The 3DS is a proper 3D gameplay machine and twin stick control is sort of vital to a modern 3D engine (that doesn’t use a KB+M).

          • The og ds came with a thumb stylus. That’s what I used for hunters, it was great! No pain, access to everything, and it was built into the wrist strap.

  • excited to go back to KH DDD and just use the c-stick to move the camera around and not a huge peripheral for the 3ds XL.
    WOOO for nintendo

  • I’ve found that while left and right smashes are very easy to do with the new cstick, up feels average, and down is awful. If you’re doing a downsmash, youre basically forced to use your nail or something to keep enough pressure on it to charge up, otherwise it will release after half a second or so.

    From what I
    ve played, the c-stick is allright as a quick push button, but not anything that needs to be held down.

  • i dont have one and i dont play my 3DSXL all that much (PC gamer) but i think the placement of it is kinda silly… i cant think of a better place but like its sooooo close to the bottom screen and the X button… i can see accidental button and touch screen touches happening

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