How To Get Rid Of The Evil Within's Pesky Black Bars On PC

The Evil Within is one of those horror games that goes for a cinematic vibe, which can be irritating for some gamers who feel restricted by its field of view. The good news is that modders have already rigged up several solutions to this problem. The bad news is they only work on PCs for the time being.

The video above comes from a modder who goes by the handle Unreal on YouTube, and is probably best known for his breathtaking customisations for Skyrim. The changes made to The Evil Within aren't quite as snazzy in comparison, but they address some fundamental problems with the new game's display on PCs by adjusting things like its aspect ratio and frame rate. So if you don't like having your view of all the evilness within The Evil Within shuttered by its default appearance, Unreal provides a download for a plugin for the game that puts it in "flawless widescreen" mode and some additional instructions for how to tweak the game's settings:

***How to remove Black bars***

-Select the game from Steam library, right click on it and select properties.

-Add "+com_allowconsole 1" (without quotes) to Launch Options.

-Run the game and open the console with "insert" key.

-"r_forceaspectratio 0" (without quotes) if you want to completely disable the black bars.

-"r_forceaspectratio 2.5" if you want to get the black bars again with the default size.

***How to remove the 30fps cap***

-Select the game from Steam library, right click on it and select properties.

-Add "+com_allowconsole 1" (without quotes) to Launch Options from General tab.

-Run the game and open the console with "insert" key.

-"r_swapinterval 0" (without quotes) for fully unlock the fps.

-"r_swapinterval -1" (without quotes) for 60fps cap.

-"r_swapinterval -2" (without quotes) for 30fps cap, this is the default value.

As you can see in the Unreal video, removing the black bars chops off a bit of the game's display on the left and right sides of the screen, so you might want to go back and forth a few times before settling on your ideal display for the game.

Also, just as a reminder, Evil Within publisher Bethesda Softworks made these sorts of customisations available for PC gamers in a post outlining the debug console commands they can apply to the game. You can review that whole list here.


    If only they could do that for the ps4 version *sigh*

      i really hate seeing horizontal black bars on anything when im already using a widescreen monitor and tv. it just boggles the mind that developer do this type of shit

        Same. Oh so much the same. Its an ok game but wtf at the bars? they reduce your fov so much.

        That's because the standard US HD digital broadcast ratio is 16:9 whilst most monitors and tablets are 16:10.

        The black bars are not taking any FOV away from the player, they have chosen the 16:9 ratio, for that movie feel as they intended. When you use the above "fix" to remove them, you do seem to loose FOV as you are forcing the image to do another aspect ratio not intended, hence loosing a little bit of the left and right of the FOV >>"As you can see in the Unreal video, removing the black bars chops off a bit of the game’s display on the left and right sides of the screen"<

          Um, no. I have a 16:9 monitor and still have massive black bars. The default aspect ratio is much wider than 16:9. 16:9 monitors are actually extremely common now.

          Also, the horizontal FOV is still not very wide by default. I would much prefer a 16:9 aspect ratio with the same horizontal FOV as the default. I am aware this causes some warping around the edges of the screen. Still looks much more natural to me than tiny FOVs or giant black bars. (For the record, my preferred horizontal FOV for my 16:9 display is around 110 degrees - I suspect Evil Within is around 70-80 degrees even with the black bars).

          The game uses an aspect ratio of 2.5:1 which is NOT the standard 2.35:1 ratio films are produced in. The black bars are there to give a "cinematic" feel.

          Removing the black bars without altering FOV will just zoom the screen so you cant see the black bars anymore. It doesn't restrict FOV as the FOV is technically the same with out without the black bars.

          However, you can change the FOV now with a few programs that use a memory hack to alter the field of view making the game A LOT better and A LOT more playable for a lot of people.

      im used to the bars now, but it is shitty espeically when modern widescreen t.vs have really WIDE screens

    Here's something that's actually helpful:

    Running that with the The Evil Within plugin running is a much nicer solution to the console codes provided by Bethesda (those codes simply zoom the screen where this option removes the bars as well as adjusts the POV)

    When I started I wasn't a fan of the black bars but they grew on me. It added to the games atmosphere of the game for me.

    Yeah, i don't care because i'm reasonable and capable of empathetic rationalisation with a distinct lack of entitlement over the creative decisions of others. Simple.

    just played the demo and there's a option to turn off the letterbox in the video settings. hopefully they've put it in the main game also

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