How To Mod Your 3DS To Play Smash Bros. With A Gamecube Controller

As soon as Nintendo released a demo for Smash Bros., it seemed like technical-minded people rushed to find ways to be able to play the game as it was meant to be played: with a controller. And now you can do it too... provided you have the right tools and don't mind fiddling with the insides of your 3DS, that is.

Yes, this is a mod that will likely void your warranty. But, I imagine the end result will be worth it for those of you that successfully brave the mod anyway.

dekuNukem has an in-depth guide on how to mod your 3DS so that you can use a Gamecube controller on it. Assuming you already have a 3DS and Smash, the parts you'll need are rather cheap, with the total coming in to about 12 dollars. The tricky part is getting to the 3DS's motherboard, soldering various things, and making a circuit board for the mod. It's not the sort of thing just anyone can try unless you already know a little about those types of things, as there are multiple steps that could very well kill your 3DS along the way. You've been warned!

Still, for those of you with the adequate know-how, here's the tutorial. It lists all the steps, the parts you'll need, and has accompanying pictures to boot: The neat thing is that after you're done, not only will you be able to play any game with a controller, the system will still remain portable. It will still look a tad rough, but hey. You win some, you lose some.


    Um, I own several fighting games for my 3ds, and that arcade game attachment that was shown previously is much better than thinking it was a good idea to mod it with a controller

    It's like these people don't know the WiiU version is coming.

      A friend of mine asked me this morning if I could do this mod. Do you know why people want things like this? First off, not everyone has a Wii U... I have a 3DS and no Wii U. The 3DS is probably the best gaming handheld console, whereas the Wii U isn't. Also, Smash Bros is a competitive game. If you get to play a competitive game before your competitors, you will have an initial advantage and should be ahead on the learning curve. The Gamecube controller is also not standard... if you have spent a lot of hours developing motor skills for the Gamecube controller from playing it on the Gamecube, then that's probably how you want to play it... and you probably can't just go into town and pick up a Gamecube controller for the Wii U and expect everything to be roses.

      Another good example is Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 on the PS Vita. That is an awesome game and quite an awesome port, but if you're like me and the thousands of other people that are used to arcade sticks, it's just too hard to play the game like you want to with the Vita controls. I've scoured the internet and so far I've only seen one person from Japan who has done that mod with no real instructions for how to exactly duplicate it, and yet the demand for arcade stick functionality with the Vita for UMvC3 is huge. I, as well as friends of mine, have travelled to other cities in Australia on more than one occasion for video game tournaments, and if you want to practise your combos, you'd need at least an AC outlet, plus the X360/PS3 console, plus your arcade stick(which people tend to bring anyway), plus a compatible screen(since you can't be sure if the hotel you have has one which is compatible/that you can use). I am lucky enough to have a gaming case that I can transport a console in, but again not everyone does, and it's more weight if you catch a flight for a tournament or something. In the case of plugging a Gamecube controller or arcade stick into a handheld, you suddenly have functionality to make the game enjoyable vs not wanting to play it because of bad controls, and it's still portable/accessible too. For example a lot of people commute, and instead of playing Angry Birds on the train, you could play Smash Bros or UMvC3 with proper controls(try playing Smash Bros on Wii U on the train... it's really not going to happen in any practical manner ever).

        Yes of course people don't have both.
        But your points on this making it practical don't really make sense unless your solely an at home player. I doubt having a 3DS in your lap while holding a controller while commuting is very practical let alone whatever configuration of sitting an arcade stick and a psvita down while you sit, and then the distance between your eyes and wherever you've placed the small handheld screen.

          It doesn't make sense to YOU; it makes sense to other people just fine. It is not hard to put a 3DS/cord/controller on your lap or the seat next to you, and similarly it's not hard to put an arcade stick with a Vita perched on top of it on your lap. Compare this to lugging a Wii U on a train, with a monitor of some sort, and all the cords and controllers and who knows how many car batteries with converters or whatever and it's just laughable. It also doesn't have to be during a commute; that was one example. You could go on a picnic, or a road trip, or use it on your lunch break, or as I mentioned above; use this configuration at a video game tournament like Evo(biggest fighting game tournament in the world, and they have Smash Bros there) where I guarantee that you will not get 100% uptime on a casual setup.

    There's an updated vid here:

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