I Hope Bear Senpai Notices Me...

I Hope Bear Senpai Notices Me...

Hatoful Boyfriend - a game in which you, a human, tries to get down with birds - has a lot to answer for.

This is a new Kickstarter for a very similar project. It's called Bear Senpai: Date The Bear of Your Dreams.

Creator Toni Rocca says "My goal for Bear Senpai is to make a game that's more or less a dating sim with a really quirky attitude, not so serious or sultry. I do take big inspirations from games like Hatoful Boyfriend and the Waluigi dating sim, but this game was in my head long before I'd learned of those."

Note this isn't, like, a furry thing. Like Hatoful, these are actual bears. They just have human feelings. You can take those feelings at face value, or you can take their personalities and use your imagination. Or, in this case, my imagination.

I Hope Bear Senpai Notices Me...

You can get a copy for $US7, but the $US80 tier - which gets you "Digital artwork of yourself as a bear" - sounds mighty tempting.

Bear Senpai [Kickstarter]


    I was considering making my own bear themed Hatoful Boyfriend VN, and now this!
    Well, probably shouldn't let it stop me, right?

    Haha, man, I am actually bothered by this news.

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