I Think I Have My Own JB Hi-Fi Review

So someone just tweeted the above image to me. I can't be sure, but I think I've just gotten my very own JB Hi-Fi review. I've finally made it!

Okay, let's review the evidence. My name is Mark Serrels — that counts for the initials. I'm Scottish obviously. I'm 33 years old — I don't know if that counts as middle-aged, but let's roll with it! I also gave Luigi's Mansion 2 my game of the year in 2013, and I didn't stop tweeting/writing about the game for a solid three month period.

That's it. That's the smoking gun. I have a JB Hi-FI review. This is the greatest day of my life. I can die happy.

Thanks Matt!


    There is a distinct lack of porridge mentioned.

    I think you may be the first person to ever be excited to reach middle age-dom. Cut those extra holes in your belt, carry around a handkerchief, remove all shoes that have laces from your closet, embrace the world of comfort!

    ..but did you actually write it?

    Last edited 14/10/14 2:32 pm

    The store is in Melbourne so I doubt Mark wrote it, but clearly some kotaku fans work at JB :-)

    But how do you know they're talking about you? They could be referring to any middle-aged Scottish man :)

    Forget the review.....BRAVELY DEFAULT ONLY $54, THAT'S A BARGAIN!

    That game deserved the JB Hi-Fi review treatment. Best RPG of last year I believe.

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