I Want To Live In This Sexy Minecraft Apartment

Last Friday I posted about this incredible Minecraft city. This glorious looking apartment feels as though it belongs in that city. I would like to live in the apartment. I fear I could not afford an apartment like this in real life.

Its creator DeathIceStorm freely admits that it uses a number of texture packs, including a custom one made specifically for this project, but goddamn it's beautiful. Minecraft can be truly, truly beautiful when it wants to be.


    They say that beauty magazines cultivate unreasonable expectations of standards of beauty, damaging the self-esteem of regular people.

    That's what architecture-porn(/interior design-porn) does to me. I can't get enough of it, but godamn, all these things I can never afford...

      Tell me about it - all those mid-century modern furniture packs on the Sims were my vicarious living. One day I'll have an Eames lounger... one day.

        The worst thing about Sims 3 (which I have do not ask me I won't tell you number of hours invested in) was trying to create works of art and failing utterly. People kept coming up with these amazing designs, but I'd create utilitarian boxes with utterly no artistic flair. I can't do interior design. But I can marvel and drool over the works of those who can. :P

          I feel you, being an uncreative fellow such as myself my whole neighborhood is littered with either identical looking boxes or ugly attempts at something different :(

      This is where you need to spend the time and money to learn the skills to do it yourself, because I'll never be able to afford to have someone else do it for me! haha

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