I Won’t Be Happy Until I Can Do This In FIFA

I Won’t Be Happy Until I Can Do This In FIFA

Dear lord, I don’t often post about sport on Kotaku, but man — this goal. This goal is just ridiculous. I can’t rest, nay won’t rest until FIFA allows me to at least try and score goals like this, although I have no idea how it could possibly be implemented.

Which is sort of the problem with sports games in general. While the best of them sometimes allow players to create those spectacular ‘whoa’ moments, it’s difficult to allow for those moments of genuine creativity. The best things video games can do is imitate them in their wake. Another good example is the Showtime Kick by Anthony Pettis, which was then implemented into EA Sports UFC.

I suppose my point is this: video games absolutely reacts to sport as it happens, it just tends to lag a little behind, and it always seems to lack that spontaneity.

Never mind, it’ll be in FIFA 16.


    • As a tottenham supporter myself I have been watching him week in and week out. He’s shown plenty of promise of the player we bought from Roma two seasons ago, but last weekend against city he was woeful. He’s well overpriced for the kind of points you’ll get from him, wonder goal aside. Gylfi Siggurdson is far better value 😉

      • Already in my side. Kicking myself for not following my own advice after Sig was awesome for you in the second half of last season. I’m just hoping Chadli keeps racking up the points

  • In FIFA 15 you can do a rabona shot and cross already if the player has 5* skill moves. E.g. Someone like Ronaldo

    • Also i saw someone take a free kick in the game with this trick shot but can’t find it now. Still, you’d be surprised what you can do in the game…

  • I won’t be happy until they have a FIFA management system where you take bribes and force countries to change laws to suit FIFA.

  • I’ve seen a similar goal to this when playing FIFA, not from that far out though, inside the box. That would be one of the few times I didn’t hate the other player making me watch his goal replay over and over.

  • At first I watched it and thought “What’s so special about that”?

    Then I watched it again…”Oooohhhh…”

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