I'd Take Any One Of These Awesome Alternate Versions Of The Simpsons

I'd Take Any One Of These Awesome Alternate Versions Of The Simpsons

CGI Simpsons? Anime Simpsons? Despicable Me Simpsons? As much as I enjoy the originals, last night's Treehouse of Horror episode left me yearning for these alternate reality versions of America's first family.

Before the credits rolled on the rather rather funny spoof of The Others in last night's 25th anual Treehouse of Horror episode, Lisa ponders "If there could be two incarnations of The Simpsons (referring to the current TV version of the family that debuted with the Tracey Ullman Show), why couldn't some evil marketing entity produce millions of others?"

The answer? The world cannot contain this much awesome.


    South Park, Archer and Lego Simpsons get a quick flypast

      Are the ones with glassess meant to be Bob's Burgers versions?

        They're those weird French ones from the couch gag last season.

          Don't forget the very brief cameo by the old TOH animal version from their Island of Dr Mauro parody.

          You also missed Adventure Time but that one is obvious, merely mentioning it for completeness sake =P

    Had to replay few times to see it all. So good.

    Yeah, I'd watch that assortment of anime characters in a western cartoon. Bring on Simpsonime.

    From what I can see, some references to:
    - Bleach
    - Attack on Titan
    - Adventure Time
    - Pokemon
    - One Piece
    - Naruto
    - South Park
    - Archer
    - Lego
    - Despicable Me

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