If Dreamworks Made A Zelda Animation

If Dreamworks Made A Zelda Animation

Dayshot: I can totally imagine this scene: a seagull — voiced by Morgan Freeman — gives life-changing advices to a computer-animated Link from Wind Waker or from any of the Zelda games.

Illustrator Cassio Yoshiyaki drew something similar to this idea with Link and Zelda from The Wind Waker, and both of them look realy great.

If Dreamworks Made A Zelda Animation
If Dreamworks Made A Zelda Animation

Toon Link by Cassio Yoshiyaki [ArtStation, via TheOmegaNerd]

Dayshot showcases some of the prettiest, funniest game-related screenshots and art that we can find.


    Yeah right. What are the odds that Nintendo would ever give one of their most popular franchises to another company?

      Like they did with Team Ninja for Metroid Other M? O_o

        Yeah, a screaming success that was.

        It had good action segments but the rest was meh.

          Yep. Just like that one lol. Which probably burnt the bridges for anyone else to do any such other thing. Well done Team Ninja... well done.

        Whaat? No such game exists.

          We like to pretend as such, but it isn't the only game Nintendo have gotten outside developers to make; several of them even worse than Other M. Curiously, the Zelda series is one of the more common ones to be outsourced or the rights to be bargained with, such as for many of the handheld games, the CDi games, and Hyrule Warriors.

            Geez, can nobody tell when I'm being a smartass?

              Yes? I thought I recognised your smartass-ness in my comment by saying "we like to pretend as such"?

      They learnt their lesson with the Super Mario film. There were rumours of a Metroid film too but apparently talks broke down when the studio began talking about changing up Samus with the usual Hollywood bullshit

    Its not dreamworks without the "dreamworks face"...


    Dreamworks animation for a Zelda movie? hahahajhahahaha i. dont. think. so. Ghibli on the other hand/.......epicness would ensure. Can you imagine that?

      Along the lines of that?

    Those things are unacceptably cute dammit.

    The first thought that went through my brain was " What if Zack Synder made a Zelda movie?"

    oooh, slow mo killing sequences with a ripped Link would be kind cool actually....

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