If Mass Effect Was Actually Set In Australia...

When the international jet-setting cosplayer Nathan Deluca visited Australia, videographer Kenaz decided to do something a little better than just a regular shoot. He took R4Hscal, a local Australian cosplayer, and Nathan and put together a super cool Mass Effect Cosplay/short film featuring Australian scenery and some pretty cool special effects.

It made me realise that Australia's scenery is actually tailor made for science fiction movie shoots. If a Mass Effect movie ever gets made, it should totally be shot in Australia. We've got deserts for the weird isolated planet regions, we've got tropical areas, we've got mad futuristic cities. Kinda.

Or you could just shoot the whole thing on green screen. That's probably more likely.

Note: you can check out the final cosplay shots from this shoot here!


    Thanks guys! This was done as a behind the scenes to a photo shoot initially! For anyone interested the final photos are viewable here - https://flic.kr/s/aHsk3ZyXyr

      Hey! Thanks for dropping by! I'll add this to the story if you don't mind.

        Thanks for sharing our project! If you can credit the photos to charmaine morgan photography www.charmaine-morgan.com that would be great. :)

        And my cosplay page please! ;)

    Australian Garrus: "Can you 'ang on for a bit? I’m giving these machines a burl"

    Awesome cosplay!

    Not to nitpick but with Kaidan's armour... I'm pretty sure Kaidan Alenko was never N7? :P

    Aussie Landscape for sci-fi... Now I feel like watching Pitch Black again

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